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Sundae On Monday

In a couple of months, we will celebrate the 10th anniversary of Sundae adopting us.

The vet estimated her to be around two years old at that time, and of course, we have no way of knowing what her life was like before us.

She does seem to be ‘on edge’ most of the time. But there’s one place where she’s completely relaxed and at ease:

We have a couple of open-weave throws, and Sundae will spend HOURS napping under one of her ‘blankies’. These pictures were taken when I could barely see her face peeping out, but most of the time, she’s completely covered.

One day last week, she ‘asked’ for her blankie around mid-morning. After finishing my work at home, I went to run errands and got back home at 3. She was STILL asleep under her blanket.

Most likely, the only thing she would change would be to have the ability to get under it without our help.

~These Days Of Mine~