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A Ham Named Snugg

You may recall seeing pictures here in the past of Marshall’s kitty, Snugg. It’s been awhile, though, so today I thought I’d share some recent ones that Marshall has sent to me.

According to Marshall, Snugg seems to know when he’s about to have his picture taken and seems to “pose”. This may be my favorite, taken on Marshall’s deck a few days ago.  Just look at the size of that paw….and those “fangs”.


In this next one, Snugg probably didn’t realize his photo was being taken. I’m sure he probably thought he was invisible. Marshall sent this to me last week by text with the caption: “Wonder where Snugg could be?”.


And this last one is Marshall’s favorite. A portion of a tree had fallen in Marshall’s yard during last week’s storm, and Snugg seemed to know that it would be a good place for a photo shoot.


Keep hamming it up, Snugg. I’m sure Marshall will continue snapping those pictures for us to enjoy your silliness handsomeness.

~These Days Of Mine~