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Sunrise To Sunset

After what seems like weeks of cool, damp weather, Saturday was a fairly nice day. We were treated to “two sunrises”. The first one:

sunrise1 5-14-2016 6-09-10 AM

Then, the clouds and mist rolled in.

sunrise and reeds 5-14-2016 6-24-09 AM

And the sun “rose” again.

misty sunrise 5-14-2016 6-25-06 AM

That afternoon, we had storm clouds, some wind and a little rain.

storm clouds 5-14-2016 7-29-55 PM

Afterward, we were treated to this:

marina dark clouds 5-14-2016 7-37-06 PM

It’s one of my favorite views of the marina, and it doesn’t happen often.  Dark clouds to the east, and the setting sun from the west create an amazing landscape.

marina and storm clouds 5-14-2016 7-39-12 PM

From sunrise to sunset, the sky put on quite the show.

~These Days Of Mine~