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Photographing A Feline Diva

Early one morning last week, I went outside to take a picture of one of my little kitty statues in the flowerbed. I’ll share that photo later in the post, but as I turned around to come back inside, another kitty caught my eye.

Silly human, you’re taking pictures of a cat STATUE, when I’m sitting right here… living, breathing feline perfection.

sundae1 6-19-2015 7-59-29 AM

Oh, the humiliation. I just can’t bear it.”

sundae2 6-19-2015 7-59-38 AM

Never mind…what’s that?

sundae3 6-19-2015 7-59-41 AM

Nothing of importance…carry on with the photos. How about a profile shot? This is my best side.

sundae window4 6-19-2015 7-59-54 AM

Yes, Sundae, you’re much more photogenic than the original target of this photo shoot.

kitty statue 6-19-2015 7-59-22 AM

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