Photographing A Feline Diva

Early one morning last week, I went outside to take a picture of one of my little kitty statues in the flowerbed. I’ll share that photo later in the post, but as I turned around to come back inside, another kitty caught my eye.

Silly human, you’re taking pictures of a cat STATUE, when I’m sitting right here… living, breathing feline perfection.

sundae1 6-19-2015 7-59-29 AM

Oh, the humiliation. I just can’t bear it.”

sundae2 6-19-2015 7-59-38 AM

Never mind…what’s that?

sundae3 6-19-2015 7-59-41 AM

Nothing of importance…carry on with the photos. How about a profile shot? This is my best side.

sundae window4 6-19-2015 7-59-54 AM

Yes, Sundae, you’re much more photogenic than the original target of this photo shoot.

kitty statue 6-19-2015 7-59-22 AM

~These Days Of Mine~

12 responses to “Photographing A Feline Diva

  1. Yes she most certainly is! She’s such a beautiful girl and she likes keeping an eye on her “Mom” outside…………..and maybe half an eye on that “other kitty” out there!


  2. This is great! You obviously know what every expression means ( I imagine especially valuable is the- you better leave me alone NOW!). What joy our pets bring us and ask so little. Thanks for the wonderful Sundae Shots!

  3. You better be on your kitty diva’s best side!! I love these pictures. Sundae knows she’s beautiful!

  4. You definitely caught a little cat-itude in those first photos!

  5. Love the captions… Like Donna said, you know the expressions !

  6. Sundae definitely steals the show!

  7. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Sundae knows she is worth a million stone kitties! Wonderful picture of a sweet and very lucky kitty.

  8. She’s so beautiful, those green eyes are mesmerizing 🙂 MJ

  9. Sundae is one beautiful cat. You are blessed to have her. Has she told you that lately? 😉

  10. Very appropriate subject for Cat World Domination Day!

  11. I LOVE This!!! Thanks for sharing your beautiful Sundae with us.

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