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Beach Treasure

Yesterday, my friend, Bev, and I went “shelling”. Yes, we are addicted; why do you ask?

We found several “sweet” pieces of sea glass as well as coral for Bev’s collection and some shells for her niece’s crafts.

But the treasure I found was this:

ruler and fish 7-29-2014 8-46-05 PM

It’s a formation of rock and sea shells. And, oddly enough, it’s the perfect likeness of a fish. Does that make it a rock fish? (Sorry.)

Should I wish to hang it, there’s even a built-in hanger on the back.

rockfish back 7-29-2014 8-20-58 PM

But I think this little rock fish is going to get its own shadow box, complete with a note showing where and when it was found.

Treasures like this deserve special treatment.

~These Days Of Mine~

Random Five Friday


1.) We had much-needed rain yesterday!  I could almost hear the grass and plants slurping it up as it fell.   No watering for me for a day or two.

2.) Between the rain showers, my friend, Bev, and I went beachcombing. We each have a little plastic sand bucket and a long-handled mini-rake. Sometimes we walk side-by-side, seeking treasures and chatting. Other times, one of us will walk up the beach ahead of the other. It’s a relaxing time, listening to the waves lap the shore and finding the occasional shard of sea glass or coral.

beach 7-24-2014 4-25-31 PM

3.) I’m not sure if Bride Swan is moulting or was just a little over-zealous with her preening this week.

bride moulting 7-20-2014 6-52-21 PM

4.) Tuesday morning’s sunrise was photo-worthy.  Our camera was in the car, so Motor Man went to get it AND took this picture. What a guy.

jr sunrise 7-22-2014 6-13-11 AM

5.)  He and I are once again hosting my family reunion next Saturday. So begins the frequent checking of the extended weather guess forecast.  This morning, the Weather Channel’s forecast for August 2 shows….. rain. 90%.  Not “a chance of showers” or “isolated showers”, but rain. I certainly am hoping we don’t have a rerun of last year’s reunion day weather.

rain 8-3-2013 2-59-05 PM

~These Days Of Mine~