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And The Wish Goes To…

One of the bonuses of writing a blog is that it provides a special way to say Happy Birthday to friends and family members.

In the three years since my classmate, Donna, and I reconnected, she’s been mentioned in several of my blog posts.

There have been many lunches, antiquing trips and feeding of horses in those three years.

donna and surry horse 9-13-2014 1-32-44 PM

She’s the reason for my addiction to sea glass.

db donna seaglass 5-18-2014 9-41-24 AM

Donna keeps me informed as to when the International Space Station will be visible in our area.

And she is one of the few people I know to have actually turned the tables on Motor Man and “gotten him” with one of his own practical jokes.

dbjrdonna on boat 5-3-2014 12-52-18 PM

Our little group, including our friends, Shirley and Linda, celebrates every chance we get.

4 girls2 12-7-2013 9-27-22 AM

A very Happy Birthday to you today, my friend.

donna on the beach 5-3-2014 5-04-12 PM

 Here’s to much more fun in the future; beginning with lunch!

~These Days Of Mine~

It Found Him

Recently, Motor Man had occasion to walk on the beach with me for a short length of time.

jr 9-21-2014 5-17-59 PM

And during those few minutes, he found his very first shard of sea glass, frosted and worn smooth by the waves.  He obliged me by allowing me to take his picture with it when we got home.

mm and sea glass 9-21-2014 7-19-06 PM

This quote I found a few days ago (author unknown) seems appropriate:

You don’t find sea glass: it finds you.

But he says there’s no chance of beachcombing becoming an obsession for him. (Guess one in the family is enough.)

~These Days Of Mine~


Depression Glass…Sea Glass

Recently, Motor Man bought this wonderful book on sea glass for me. My friend, Donna, had loaned me her copy a few months ago, but since it was a loan, I felt that I should return it to her in a timely fashion. (I have Donna to thank for this sea glass obsession I now have.)

seaglass book

Yes, those are a few pieces of sea glass from my collection.

When I had Donna’s copy, I didn’t notice this article, featuring a Depression Glass Cookie Jar in the Princess pattern, circa 1935.

depression glass page in book

It just so happens that I have one exactly like it that belonged to my mom.

depression cookie jar

Over the years, I’ve looked in antique shops wherever I saw Depression Glass, but have never seen one like it.

Who would have ever thought I’d find information about it in…a book on sea glass?

~These Days Of Mine~

Beach Girl

Not only have I become a horse lover in my later years, I’ve also become a beach girl.  Not the sun-bathing, nor swimming, nor even wading kind of beach girl, but the beachcombing kind.

With a nice sea breeze, I can stroll for hours, either alone or with a friend, sun-visor on, sand shell bucket in hand…knowing that the next treasure waits just a little further along the shoreline.

 PI1 9-4-2014 5-20-13 PM 9-4-2014 5-20-13 PM

Although sea glass is my favorite find, who can resist a pretty shell? Or a dozen?

PI 3 shells 9-4-2014 5-37-08 PM

A few days ago, I found a long stretch of deserted beach on the Outer Banks. It was a magical time, with Motor Man relaxing – (and watching) – in the shade of a nearby dune.


 The above pictures were taken with my cell phone. Motor Man had the camera and took this next one. See that tiny little white speck where the ocean meets the shore? That’s me.

db on beach 9-4-2014 5-51-56 PM

That’s Motor Man’s happy beach girl with her bucket of seashells. And one piece of sea glass.

db waving 9-4-2014 5-59-46 PM

~These Days Of Mine~

Beach Treasure

Yesterday, my friend, Bev, and I went “shelling”. Yes, we are addicted; why do you ask?

We found several “sweet” pieces of sea glass as well as coral for Bev’s collection and some shells for her niece’s crafts.

But the treasure I found was this:

ruler and fish 7-29-2014 8-46-05 PM

It’s a formation of rock and sea shells. And, oddly enough, it’s the perfect likeness of a fish. Does that make it a rock fish? (Sorry.)

Should I wish to hang it, there’s even a built-in hanger on the back.

rockfish back 7-29-2014 8-20-58 PM

But I think this little rock fish is going to get its own shadow box, complete with a note showing where and when it was found.

Treasures like this deserve special treatment.

~These Days Of Mine~

Random Five Friday


1.) We had much-needed rain yesterday!  I could almost hear the grass and plants slurping it up as it fell.   No watering for me for a day or two.

2.) Between the rain showers, my friend, Bev, and I went beachcombing. We each have a little plastic sand bucket and a long-handled mini-rake. Sometimes we walk side-by-side, seeking treasures and chatting. Other times, one of us will walk up the beach ahead of the other. It’s a relaxing time, listening to the waves lap the shore and finding the occasional shard of sea glass or coral.

beach 7-24-2014 4-25-31 PM

3.) I’m not sure if Bride Swan is moulting or was just a little over-zealous with her preening this week.

bride moulting 7-20-2014 6-52-21 PM

4.) Tuesday morning’s sunrise was photo-worthy.  Our camera was in the car, so Motor Man went to get it AND took this picture. What a guy.

jr sunrise 7-22-2014 6-13-11 AM

5.)  He and I are once again hosting my family reunion next Saturday. So begins the frequent checking of the extended weather guess forecast.  This morning, the Weather Channel’s forecast for August 2 shows….. rain. 90%.  Not “a chance of showers” or “isolated showers”, but rain. I certainly am hoping we don’t have a rerun of last year’s reunion day weather.

rain 8-3-2013 2-59-05 PM

~These Days Of Mine~