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Friday’s Fences And A Sunrise

Today will finish up my photos from our trip to the Outer Banks last weekend. Maybe.

As I mentioned in a previous post, the beach road was inaccessible on Sunday.  When we left the beach, we drove back into the town of Corolla, and Motor Man found a little dirt road leading to the ocean. This is what we found at the end of the road:


Here comes the sun!


And…because it’s Friday….

sunrise fence3

And, finally, one of my favorite sunrise photos.

dramatic sunrise

(I forgot there is no Friday’s Fences meme this week. Oops.)

Weekly Beach Update

Motor Man and I once again went to the Outer Banks this weekend. We didn’t quite make it onto the  beach in time for sunrise.

During the course of the morning, however, we did see 31 wild horses.  There was this gorgeous blonde, obviously “with child”.

This Black Beauty look-alike.

A meeting of horse and egret. (I think the horse was saying: “You will NOT ride on my back!“. )

And this Papa horse, who was telling me that I was close enough to his family (be watching this week’s Friday’s Fences post to see Mama and baby horse.)

He who makes horsepower and nature’s horsepower.

We also spotted this red fox, who was very interested in us.

And some amazing cloud formations.

Another morning so worthy of the 4:30 alarm.

Friday’s Fences – OBX

My photos for this week’s Friday’s Fences were taken last Sunday on our trip to the Outer Banks.  Sand fences are a favorite of mine; I’ve shared photos of them before.

These were taken just a few minutes before we saw those gorgeous horses I posted about on Monday.

The above pictures were taken soon after driving onto the beach in Corolla.  This next one was taken further up the beach and somewhat “inland”. There are many houses/vacation homes/cottages in this very remote area, accessible only by driving on on the beach.  You have to be on the lookout for wild horses in these areas too (which is exactly what we were doing, and why I happened to spot this fence).

Coming tomorrow: Sunrise Saturday featuring sunrise pictures from our morning on the beach.

Linking up to Friday’s Fences because…. it’s Friday!

Wild Horses At Sunrise

Recently, Motor Man and I bought an older model Jeep. We wanted a four-wheel drive vehicle that we could take out on the beach down at the Outer Banks. Yesterday morning was its inaugural trip. We set the alarm for  oh dark: thirty 4:30 AM, and drove up past Corolla.

I’ll share the sunrise photos on Saturday for Sunrise Saturday. But I couldn’t wait to share with you what else we saw on our drive up the beach. (Warning: LOTS of photos today.)

I was SO excited to see two of the wild mustangs out enjoying the view of the ocean at sunrise.

Soon, they were joined by a third.

Then, a fourth!

And if this weren’t beautiful enough,

Along came a fifth horse from over the dunes, with the early morning wind in its mane.

Isn’t that gorgeous? As you can imagine, I was beside myself as we just stood there and watched all these horses gather in front of us.

They reminded me of the senior’s coffee club, meeting at Hardee’s for breakfast the morning gossip.

A shot of Motor Man with the horses in the background. As you can see, once we spotted the horses and Motor Man stopped, I exited the vehicle so quickly, I didn’t even take time to close my door.

Proof that you don’t have to be a horse to have a windblown “mane”.

After the horses finished their morning visit, they separated and began walking away.

With photos like these waiting to be taken, getting up before the crack of dawn is SO worth it.