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Random Five/Willy Nilly Friday

Another Friday: more randomness.

1.) 17 years ago this evening, Motor Man and I had our first “date”.  Yes, I know it’s a bit sappy to celebrate that date every year. But that’s just how we are.  AND, it was on Friday, the 13th.  This picture was taken a few months after that first date.

jrdb kent island 98 3-12-2015 9-06-29 PM

2.) I mentioned to Marshall that I’d recently read that you needn’t understand all the information on a nutritional label; just buy items with the fewest number of ingredients. With raised eyebrows, he suggested that I check the label on a bag of Fritos. Hmm…I’m not sure this means Fritos are healthy.

fritos 3-12-2015 2-26-15 PM

3.) A few months ago, I found this artwork on Pinterest and pinned it. I’ve already begun collecting the rocks and beach glass in hopes of, one day, attempting my own version.

lighthouse and boats-001

4.) Yesterday, this adorable little pot of miniature daffodils caught my eye at the supermarket. I added a bow and a butterfly embellishment: instant birthday gift.

daffies 3-12-2015 2-36-46 PM

5.)  Tomorrow, I’m helping a friend pack for a (short-distance) move. Other friends will be there, we’ll have oldies playing, and I’m thinking it’s going to be a party.

Your randomness…?

Around Roanoke

~These Days Of Mine~

Recent Random Favorites

Today: a few recent photos that struck my fancy.

I’ve shared pictures before of the Jordan House, located just outside the town limits of Smithfield.  This was taken one day at sunset, back in January, when we had just a little snow still on the ground (and on the roof).

jordan house

Also in January, our great niece, Lilly, celebrated her first birthday. I thought this was a cute shot of her with big sister, Livy.

livy and lilly

A smug “smile” from Sundae girl.

smug sundae

Anyone else see “footprints” in these clouds?


I never seem to remember that daffodils begin blooming in February.


Even though the current weather doesn’t correspond, we can only hope that this means spring is just around the corner.

Signs Of The Season


Somewhere there’s probably someone who doesn’t like spring. But I don’t think I’ve met that person yet. Although some folks probably aren’t too happy about the effect of the pollen on their allergies.

There’s something to be said for each of the seasons, but springtime is just special.

My hanging pansy baskets made it through the long winter. There were times I had my doubts, but with the warmer weather, they’ve come back to life.

I usually have a difficult time deciding which pansies to buy in the fall. There are so many colors! But when I saw these “citrus mix”  at the nursery, I knew they were the ones. I don’t recall ever having pansies return this beautiful in the spring.

Candytuft is beginning to bloom.

And, of course, the daffodils are putting on a show.

These are the pansies in the flowerboxes on our deck.  Even though they seem dormant during the winter, the cold and snow must be just what they need to make a showy come-back in the spring.

Nature gives to every time and season some beauties of its own.
                                                       ~Charles Dickens

We’ve Reached A Decision


Remember my post from a couple of weeks ago about jonquils vs daffodils? If you missed it, click here.

I didn’t know at that time if the sprouts popping up in my yard were jonquils or daffodils. But I had done some research to learn the difference. I just had to wait til they bloomed to be sure. 

And they’ve bloomed! Mine are daffodils.

One bloom per stem, the stems are rounded rather than slender,  and the blooms are not very fragrant.  But who cares about fragrance when we have spring blooms?

Speaking of spring blooms, aren’t pansies amazing?

These were planted last fall,  they were covered in several inches of snow just a few weeks ago and for all practical purposes, looked to be dead and gone. But after a few warm days, they’ve come back to life.  Maybe we could learn something from a pansy’s fortitude.

I can’t look at this sunny little bloom without smiling. “I’m just so happy to be here.”

So what’s blooming in your yard? Jonquils, daffodils, pansies?

Jon-a-quils? Daffodils?


Whatever you prefer to call them, they’re definitely one of the first signs of spring.

I hadn’t thought to look for my jonquil/daffodil sprouts until The Cotton Wife posted a picture of hers on her blog one day last week. Even after reading Jen’s post, I still didn’t think to go look for mine.

A few days after Jen’s posting, we had a dusting of snow during the night. The next day,  I finally remembered to look in my yard.

How could I have driven by them several times a day and not noticed them before now?

But, sure enough, there they were! I love jonquils/daffodils.  My Mom had them growing in her yard. But Mom always added an extra syllable and called them “jon-a-quils”. Do you suppose if I call them “jon-a-quils”,  they’ll grow to be as pretty as my Mom’s were?

 Jonquils/daffodils are so easy to grow. And best of all, they evidently aren’t tasty to the deer and rabbits.  It’s always a good thing when the critters and I don’t fight over flowers.

I actually did a little research as I was writing this entry. It seems there are differences between jonquils and daffodils.  Jonquils are much more fragrant, but daffodils grow taller. Daffodil stems are long and slender, where jonquils have rounded stems. And daffodils only have one bloom per stem, where jonquils have more.

Which variety do I have in my yard?  Hmmm….I’ll get back with you on that in a couple of weeks……