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Same Block, Different House

You may recall my posts last summer, relating how The Dove Family found affordable housing in one of my hanging geraniums.

And went on to raise not one, but two, sets of children (or squabs) in that little bungalow.

Earlier this spring, once again I bought two hanging geraniums for the front porch. They have, thankfully, remained vacant.  About three weeks ago, I saw this hanging bougainvilla at the nursery, and was unable to resist its beauty.

Apparently, neither could The Dove Family.

Perhaps I should consider a career in real estate.

Irene – The End

Those of you who have been affected by Hurricane Irene probably feel the same way about the storm as I do right now. I am ‘over it’.   Here are a few pictures taken during the day on Saturday. Irene didn’t actually hit us until after about 8 that evening. Of course, it was dark then, so I didn’t get any pictures during the storm.

Groom Swan and 8 ducks spent all day Saturday right at the water’s edge. We’re not sure where they went to weather the actual storm.

Although we brought in everything in our yard that could be blown around, we left Mama Dove’s hanging basket because we didn’t want to disturb her. She sat on that nest all day Saturday. I’m not sure about Saturday night during the worst of the storm, but Sunday morning, she was there. I looked out one time Saturday, and the nest was being blown around, she was sitting on the plant, and one baby had taken cover on the hook. I haven’t seen either squab since the storm, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t survive. I’ll keep you posted.

This photo was taken a few months ago. It shows the corner of our yard opposite the old cedar tree and wooden boat. There are two birdbaths in this little area. The smaller one is barely visible in the bottom left corner of the picture.

This was the same area Saturday afternoon. You can see the little birdbath in this picture, but the larger one is hidden by a tree.

And, after the storm. This shows how high the water was in our yard.

 Remember the photo I posted last week of the poker run party? This is that side yard now.

This is another area of our yard. Massive clean-up of tide-line trash awaits.

And to recap: the tide wasn’t as high as Isabel, but the winds were stronger than I can ever remember experiencing. We lost many, many tree limbs, but no trees. And our electricity was restored yesterday around mid-day.

I’m overwhelmed by all the comments you all left for me showing your concern for our safety. It was a rough couple of days, but we know how fortunate we are to have come through the storm with such minor damage.  Thank you for every thought and prayer you sent our way.

And now. Enough about Irene.

Mama Dove’s Second Family

About a month ago, I posted about our resident dove, whom we affectionately call ‘Mama’, her nest in my hanging geranium, and her two babies, which I discovered are called squabs.

From previous experiences with dove nests in my hanging plants, I knew she’d most likely hatch two more little ones this summer. Recently, Mama returned to her nest. Although I couldn’t see babies, I figured they were there, because she was on the nest constantly. At least, every time I looked, there she sat.

Last week, when our little niece, Livy, and her parents visited, we showed her Mama Dove.   As I said in my previous dove post, Mama does not move when you approach her. So Livy got an up-close look.

I love this next picture. Although the focus is on the plant and Mama, and Livy is blurred in the background, you can still see the wonder on her face. Livy’s dad took these photos.

Three days later,  the squabs were clearly visible. 

(Contrary to how it looks in this picture, Mama Dove is, in fact, NOT the size of an elephant.)

This picture was taken of the squabs yesterday. They’re now able to fly.

And Mama Dove, just like her human counterparts, is saying: “they grow up SO fast”.

Empty Nest

When last we visited Mama Dove’s nest, one baby (squab) was clearly visible, but we suspected there was another one hidden from view.

I checked a couple days after that post, and was able to see both squabs were right there with Mama Dove.

Squabs must mature quickly, because a few days after I took this picture, the nest was empty. But those little ones haven’t traveled too far yet.  You may recall that the nest was in a hanging plant on my front porch. Both babes are still hanging around the neighborhood; I just haven’t been able to get both of them in a picture.

I’m guessing that it won’t be long before Mama Dove will be expecting her second family of the season.  Her nest will be waiting.

Squab Announcement

And what, you may ask, is a squab? I just learned the word today: a squab is a young (baby) dove.

You may recall my post from earlier this month about a Mother Dove building a nest in my hanging geranium. If you missed it, here’s the link.

I’ve been keeping a close eye on the dove nursery. It’s right outside our bathroom window, which makes it easy for me to spy on it.

I’ve heard it said that dove …..how can I put this nicely?…… aren’t the most intelligent of God’s creatures. And when the afternoon sun is bearing down on Mama Dove, and temperatures are occasionally hovering around 100, I have to wonder about the wisdom in her decision to nest in this particular spot.

Either she’s a very trusting bird, or ……not the most intelligent of God’s creatures……, because I’ve been carefully watering the plant all month with her sitting right there on the nest. And she hasn’t moved.

This afternoon, Marshall came by, and while we were out on the porch, I went over to check on Mama Dove. I thought I caught sight of a baby squab, so I went in to get the camera. Since Marshall’s taller and could see the nest better, he took these next two photos.

The camera was less than two feet from her when these pictures were taken.

She may not be…… the most intelligent of God’s creatures……, but she has the look of a proud mama, don’t you agree?

(Note: according to my research, dove have “two squab per brood”, so hopefully, there’s a second baby that we couldn’t see. I’ll keep you updated.)

One Mother To Another

This should make me mad.

A mother dove building a nest in my hanging geranium.

This will make watering the plant more difficult.  I’ll have to wait until both Mama and Daddy Dove are away from the nest to water. I’ll have to actually take the plant down when watering to be sure the nest doesn’t get wet. And I won’t be able to place the plant out on the ground when it rains.

But I can’t really be mad. Maybe it’s because I’m a Mom too. And I remember “nesting”.

While I was taking pictures, Daddy Dove flew in.

It’s hard to tell, but both of them were on the nest in this picture. That’s Mama Dove’s tailfeathers behind Daddy Dove.

 I don’t think Daddy Dove was comfortable at all with me being just on the other side of the window. They both flew away right after I took this picture. They may not return to finish building the nest.

But if they do I’ll keep you posted on this little family.

(Update: this post was written last night.  I just checked, and one of the doves is back on the nest this morning, so I guess there’s  a new family in the neighborhood!)