One Mother To Another

This should make me mad.

A mother dove building a nest in my hanging geranium.

This will make watering the plant more difficult.  I’ll have to wait until both Mama and Daddy Dove are away from the nest to water. I’ll have to actually take the plant down when watering to be sure the nest doesn’t get wet. And I won’t be able to place the plant out on the ground when it rains.

But I can’t really be mad. Maybe it’s because I’m a Mom too. And I remember “nesting”.

While I was taking pictures, Daddy Dove flew in.

It’s hard to tell, but both of them were on the nest in this picture. That’s Mama Dove’s tailfeathers behind Daddy Dove.

 I don’t think Daddy Dove was comfortable at all with me being just on the other side of the window. They both flew away right after I took this picture. They may not return to finish building the nest.

But if they do I’ll keep you posted on this little family.

(Update: this post was written last night.  I just checked, and one of the doves is back on the nest this morning, so I guess there’s  a new family in the neighborhood!)

26 responses to “One Mother To Another

  1. They chose a good neighborhood with nice, friendly neighbors!!

  2. It will be fun watching their family grow! They picked a nice safe place having you as a landlord. 🙂

  3. What a neat little story. I love how you say you can’t be mad because you’re a mom too – so true! Gotta nest in a safe spot. Definitely keep us all posted!

  4. Look how cute they are! And they have a beautiful place to live…

  5. Our experience with doves is that they are notoriously bad nest builders. Usually just 5 or 6 sticks haphazardly piled on a tree branch, and they are sitting there trying to begin their families. I think the residence you’ve provided is absolutely lovely and probably much safer than anything they could build themselves.

  6. I think dove couples know the hanging baskets at your house are prime locations! I remember them taking up residence there before… keep us posted on what they decide to do!!

  7. Such a beautiful photo and a beautiful post! The doves are lovely, and the geranium are pretty. I may run out of adjectives to describe this post but this is wonderful! 🙂

  8. oh, i think they’ve found a perfect place to nest! you’ll take great care to not disturb them! 🙂

  9. What a lovely home. They found a beautiful location and my bet is that they stay.

  10. Well this happens every year and you take such good care of them, no wonder they return. You are a good mom!

  11. Changes the name to Humanity for Habitat! Great pictures. You know I am into birds now, especially eagles.

  12. How precious is that! I will anxiously await your updates on your new little family.

  13. I love it! Thanks for sharing your world with us 🙂

  14. What do you bring this kind of neighbor as a welcome gift, I wonder.

  15. She wants a pretty nest but I don’t think they’ll be too happy about you watering their nest. At least you got some good pictures first.

  16. I don’t think I’ve seen a hanging geranium. Adding the doves makes such a lovely picture; the colors are so pretty!

  17. I think your doves told our doves they were staying at the Ritz and ours are only on low tree branches in a Motel 8. Quite a difference, but they are all beautiful….. jj

  18. This will be very entertaining for you to watch. I had a wren build in a hanging basket one summer. I love to hear them sing and watch them flit around from here to there. Can Sundae see them? Entertainment for her too!!

  19. Oh, it will be fun to see pictures of the babies! We have a married swallow couple that nests in our entryway every year. They are on their second set of babies this season (they usually have 3-4 batches of babies every spring and summer)that hatched the other day! Their little heads are no larger than my pinky nail! Very soon though they will be growing up and fly the coop.. In the meanwhile, Ive had to rescue from the ground, those who fall out. I just scoop them up and gently put them back in the nest.

  20. I love them! We watched a nest of doves last year, and it was such a treat. Thankfully, they were not in one of my flower baskets.

  21. Birds can’t seem to resist those hanging baskets around here either but I’ve never seen doves build in one. That has to be some sort of good sign!

  22. they just pick the darndest spots, don’t they?!?!
    every spring robin’s built a nest in the wreath on my front door……..everyone knows and everyone uses the back door in spring!!!!

  23. I love the Doves; somehow they knew they could trust you, methinks

    Cheers MJ

  24. Oh but I love to hear the cooing sounds they make….. so peaceful! Keep us posted!

  25. Those two chose very well. I guess they’ve heard of the old but true expression: Location, location…

  26. Susan Burt Smelser

    Beautiful! We had robins build nests in our holly bushes for 3 years but birds or snakes always got either the eggs or the baby birds. They aren’t here this year 😦

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