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Fun, With A Touch Of Bittersweet

Friday, I left you with two cliffhangers, one being whether or not my friend, Donna and I would dress up for the Halloween Farmers Market on Saturday. (The other is the Corolla Wild Horse Fund Calendar contest, which I’ll write about on Friday.)

The answer to the question of us dressing up is: “sort of”.  I wore a witch’s hat ($6.00 at Target), but Donna was a bit more festive with her spider eye tattoo and necklace  and her Halloween shirt.  Since the pointy part of my hat didn’t show, I  looked more like a hillbilly.  A hillbilly wearing an autumn scarf.


Now to change gears a bit to share with you something that happened at the Farmers Market.

One of the first booths we stopped at when we arrived at the market was the “Simply Kalina” jewelry booth.  It was our first experience with this lovely couple. As we were oohing and aahing over their beautiful jewelry made from vintage silverware, a pendant caught Donna’s eye.  The scene on it was so touching, she wanted me to see it and handed it to me.

I gasped.

Then I asked the jewelry designer where she got that picture. She said that a customer had asked them to make the pendant as a gift.


I said: “That’s my late father-in-law and my great nephew.”  This is the photo that was inscribed on the pendant.


As it turns out, the parents of Josey (the little boy in the photo) had the pendant made as a Mother’s Day gift for his grandmother.  (The one we saw Saturday was just a sample showing some of the work that is available.)

We were amazed that, of all the jewelry in the booth, that pendant in particular caught Donna’s eye, and the designer was surprised that I immediately recognized the photo.  I must admit, it was a touching moment for me, as well as for Motor Man when I shared the story with him later.

Following the market, Motor Man joined us for lunch. Then the three of us visited a nearby farm market/pumpkin patch, not for pumpkins, but rather for their delicious pumpkin ice cream.


And a photo op for the scarf-wearing hillbilly and her hubby.

~These Days Of Mine~


Olden Days, Old Friends

As I mentioned in Friday’s post, this weekend was the annual Olden Days festival in our little town. It was started in the 1980’s, and although I think it skipped a few years, it’s back, and bigger and better than ever.

Friday evening, our friends, Donna and Shirley, arrived in town. The four of us parked our lawn chairs on the “village green” in front of the Gazebo stage where the concert was set to take place beginning at 7. We walked a few doors down Main Street to the Ice Cream Parlor, easily found a booth and enjoyed a casual dinner.  During our walk and dinner, we saw several folks we knew, including some we hadn’t seen in many years.

After dinner, we strolled along Main, admiring the classic cars on display and, later, enjoyed the concert.

The next morning, Motor Man joined us for breakfast at Taste Of Smithfield, a restaurant on Main Street. Then he took photos of the three of us with our matching “Farmers Market” totes, which I found at T J Maxx.

3 girls 3 totes 6-25-2016 9-03-13 AM

And, of course, Motor Man had to be a bit different when it came time for our picture together.  (It looks as though he’s wearing a butcher’s apron.)

jrdb 6-25-2016 9-03-41 AM

While the girls and I started in the direction of the Farmers Market, Motor Man visited with several guys he knew who had vehicles in the car show.

tractor and cars 6-25-2016 10-22-43 AM

We shopped at the Farmers Market, as well as the Vintage Market, chatted with folks, petted a few dogs….things you do at your typical small town festival.

Then we met John and his 1960 Lincoln.  We listened intently as he told us its story: his mom bought the car for $1,000 at an estate sale (it was valued at the time at $5,000).  But his dad wouldn’t allow her to spend the money on it, so she borrowed it from her parents. John was the youngest of six children, and the only one his mom ever allowed to drive the car. Later, it was relegated to the garage, where John said it served for many years as the “largest shelf” ever.

Years later, John completely and lovingly restored the car (all 19 1/2 feet of it; at the time the longest car ever made).

donna and john 6-25-2016 11-46-12 AM

He then had it transported cross country, so his, at the time, 94-year-mother could see it, and drive it once more.  He told us she cried when she saw it restored to its former beauty.   His mother has since passed away.

Meeting John and hearing his family’s history with that car was one of the highlights of our day.

john and lincoln 6-25-2016 11-41-16 AM

Another Olden Days is in the books. The weather was perfect, the company was fun, and we’re left with special memories of the weekend.

~These Days Of Mine~

Random Five Friday

Time for some Friday randomness, this week dominated by family felines:

1.)  Marshall sent me this picture of his kitty, Snugg.  Marshall thinks a larger sofa may be in order.


2.) Speaking of kitties and silly poses:


3.) And still more:

sundae am 4-28-2015 8-03-27 AM

4.)  Admit it, we all have ’em.  That one pair of knock-around shoes that really needs to be tossed, but they’re just so comfy, we tend to hang onto them.  Allow me to introduce you to Motor Man’s: Bo and Re-bo.

jr shoes

5.) Yesterday was a perfect day for yard work, and today seems just as promising.  Tomorrow, our Farmers Market may be calling my name. I’m guessing there will be some plants there that I need.

sunrise 5-15-2015 6-26-27 AM

Your weekend plans?

~These Days Of Mine~

Farmer’s Market, Bikers And Curd

Our local Farmer’s Market is now in full swing….every Saturday morning.  This past weekend, the weather was perfect, so my friend, Donna, and I went to have a look-around.

Usually Donna finds more to buy, but this week, apparently, it was my turn. I bought some “natural” mosquito repellent, some wool dryer balls (which will, supposedly, lower drying time and reduce static electricity), and this cute little kitty face sun-catcher, which I can assure you is NOT fragile.

kitty face1 4-6-2015 7-39-24 PM

I also found this gorgeous wreath, made of burlap strips.

wreath 4-6-2015 7-21-19 PM

But what Donna and I will always recall about our Saturday happened in one of the antique shops we visited when we left the Farmer’s Market.  They were offering samples of lemon curd, which Donna tried, but I did not. As we were leaving the shop, we noticed a “biker” couple that was also leaving.  They were dressed in leathers, and Donna struck up a conversation, asking if riding was difficult with the breezy winds we were having that morning.

We learned that they were from Delaware, staying in Williamsburg, and would be traveling Route 10 that afternoon.  Donna and I became on-the-spot Virginia Tourism experts and told them all about Bacon’s Castle and Smith’s Fort Plantation: two historic properties they would pass on their way to the ferry to Jamestown/Williamsburg. They were very interested and said they would probably stop to visit.

After this sincere conversation, which lasted several minutes, we said our farewells. The man then pointed to Donna’s blouse and quietly said: “Ma’am, you have a little curd right there.”

Immediately, Donna and I practically collapsed in uncontrollable laughter.  Perhaps “you had to be there”, but we probably won’t ever think about that day without laughing.

And you just have to wonder: how often does a leather-clad biker have occasion to use the word “curd”?

~These Days Of Mine~

The Weekend Included Horses

Our weekend was a busy one. After I met friends Saturday morning for shopping at the Farmers’ Market, followed by lunch, Motor Man and I headed to the Outer Banks.

Along the way, we stopped to visit Aggie, who was looking especially beautiful. I think she’d had her hair done.

aggie1 5-24-2014 3-22-28 PM

The next morning, we were on the beach in time to catch the sunrise over the ocean.

sunrise 5-25-2014 5-50-03 AM

We then drove up to Corolla and out on the beach. We only saw three horses; they were  grazing on one of the dunes in the early morning sun.

3 horses 5-25-2014 7-27-38 AM

On our way home yesterday, Aggie was treated to another apple as we passed by her pasture.

aggie and db mon 5-26-2014 11-38-07 AM

The weather was picture perfect in our area for all the outdoor holiday activities….including horse sightings.

~These Days Of Mine~