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Wildlife Wednesday: Cuteness

With our temps being in the 90’s and ‘feel like’ temps near 100, I’ve been keeping our bird baths filled on a regular basis.  The birds use some, the ducks and geese use the lower ones, and the deer also enjoy fresh water.

Monday afternoon, I went out to fill the ones in front of our kitchen windows. I guess I had the feeling something was watching me.

I’d read that Mama Deer often leaves her little ones during the day while she’s out feeding, and if this one had been out by the marsh grass or beside a tree, I would have thought nothing of it. But since it was right beside the house, I was a bit worried that perhaps this one may be sick, injured or overheated. So I quickly found a bowl and brought some water.

This baby let me get really close before it bounded away.

Obviously (and thankfully), it was just taking a little break in the shade.

~These Days Of Mine~