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Friday’s Fences – And Horses

During our recent trip to Martinsville, I was, of course, on the lookout for countryside fences.

fence1 10-5-2013 3-05-57 PM

This one came with a bonus: horses!

fence1a 10-5-2013 3-05-34 PM

One was more interested in us than lunch.

closeup 10-5-2013 3-05-19 PM

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Friday’s Fences – Pretty In Purple

For Friday’s Fences this week, a little section of fence in town, all decked out in purple.

fence1 9-23-2013 9-58-01 AM

I see asters in the back, purple heart in front and a couple of purple-blue petunias in the middle.

fence2 9-23-2013 9-58-06 AM

Random? Or carefully thought out and planted?

fridays fences

Friday’s Fences – Out In The Country

A couple of pictures of fences on either side of a driveway, out in the country.

left side 9-7-2013 3-36-20 PM

They were close to the road, so I wasn’t able to get both sides in the same picture. I’m guessing that many years ago, they were white.

right side 9-7-2013 3-36-42 PM

I didn’t want to venture down the driveway, but, from the road, I couldn’t see any remnants of a house.

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Friday’s Fences – And A Wedding Story

This beautiful old home, built in the mid 1700’s, is located a few miles outside of town.

fence and house 9-5-2013 10-47-28 AM

I love the brick columns and weathered white fence.

fence1a 9-5-2013 10-46-39 AM

Several years ago, an elderly friend, who has since passed on, shared a story with me about this house.  I don’t recall the exact year, but I’m thinking around the turn of the century, the homeowner’s daughter’s wedding took place in the home. It was a winter wedding, in December, I believe. And the weather that day was bitterly cold and snowy.

My friend said she was told that there’s a fireplace in nearly every room of this old home, and on that day, there was a fire in every fireplace.

fence2 9-5-2013 10-46-43 AM

My travels don’t take me in this direction often, but when I do pass by this old home, I remember that story and imagine how festive that day must have been.

And I also think of my sweet friend who shared the story.

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Friday’s Fences, Flowers And More

You may recall that my Friday’s Fences stash was dwindling to the point of being non-existent.  Fortunately, earlier this week, when Motor Man took me to the antique shop to get the Trip Journal, we happened upon this rustic fence just down the street.

fence 8-27-2013 3-27-50 PM

This was the other side of the driveway. We thought the flowers planted in the old tree stump was a neat idea.

fence and flowers1 8-27-2013 3-27-46 PM

But, wait, there’s more! A chicken! At no extra charge!

fence and chicken 8-27-2013 3-27-59 PM

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Friday’s Fences – Beauty On The Beach

Last week, Motor Man and I rode up on the beach at the Outer Banks. Even though it was a cloudy day, and we didn’t see many horses, there was beauty to be found on the beach.

fence2 8-18-2013 6-46-59 AM

Same photo, but I used the “I’m Feeling Lucky” option in Picasa to edit it.

fence2 8-18-2013 6-46-59 AM

 The edge of the surf almost has a lacy look to it in the next picture. This fence on the Virginia/North Carolina state line keeps the wild horses confined to their protected area.

lacy 8-18-2013 6-48-59 AM

Speaking of horses, how about this beauty?

horse and surf 8-18-2013 7-48-42 AM

This one had also been resting. Just as he stood, the wind caught his tail.

horse and tail 8-18-2013 7-55-57 AM_Snapseed

It was definitely a scenic ride on the beach (no editing was done on this next photo).

clouds 8-18-2013 8-12-44 AM

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Friday’s Fences…On The Dunes

…and, it should come as no surprise, a horse!

These pictures were taken last Sunday on our trip to the Outer Banks.

horse and fence1

Although there isn’t too much left of this sand fence, it does qualify!

horse and fence2

(Motor Man, my stash of fence pictures is precariously low. We need a road trip soon, so they can be replenished…)

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