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Who’s Your Daddy?

After Monday’s post about my Dad’s birthday, I was reminded of an incident that I thought would be fun to share.

I think I’ve mentioned here before that my family history on both sides has been researched extensively, and I’m fortunate to have copies of all that information. But, still, from time to time, I dabble a bit in genealogy in the hopes of learning something new about my ancestors.

Several years ago, I had joined an online genealogy forum searching for more info on my Dad’s side of the family.  My maiden name is fairly unusual, and a woman with the same last name reached out to me.  She lives in Chesapeake (about 30 minutes from me), so we met one day for lunch.

Now let me just say at this point that, there was a time in my childhood that I suspected that I was adopted. I mean, my dad was in his fifties when I was born, and my mom in her forties. My sisters were both teenagers. It just didn’t seem likely to my young mind that I should be born into that particular family.  I think I mentioned it to my mom, and she quickly put my fears to rest.  I’m sure she wondered where in the world I got that idea.  

During lunch that day with “Ms. M.”, we learned that her dad and mine were cousins. She shared with me some family gossip she remembered hearing from her dad.  It all had to do with the time just after my father died (remember that I was only eight months old at the time).  I don’t recall the details she shared that day, but it touched on the “fact” that I wasn’t REALLY my dad’s daughter…..I think some distant relatives suspected that I was actually the daughter of one of his cousins, and that my parents had adopted me.

Somehow I managed to hold my emotions in check until we finished our meal and said our good-byes.

Thankfully, my older sister, June, was still living at the time, and as soon as I was out of the restaurant,  I was on the phone to her, praying she would answer.  Nearly in tears, I explained to her what had just happened. June, never one to mince words, had a quick and colorful response. And I’ll just paraphrase her comment:  “Well, she’s full of baloney”.  Then we laughed about the whole episode.

I think that may have been the first time of many that June told me this: the night my parents brought me home from the hospital, she barely slept.  She said she was afraid that, if she went to sleep, when she woke up, I would have disappeared. She was sixteen at the time, and apparently overjoyed to have a baby sister.

I’m so glad she was just a phone call away that day of my lunch with “Ms. M.”, who, by the way, I’ve had no contact with since.

After my conversation with June, I turned up the volume on my car radio. And this was the song that was playing.

And of course, the phrase that caught my ear: “What’s your name, who’s your daddy?”

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Random Five Friday

It has been rather quiet ’round here this week, but I finally found five little bits of random to share.

1.) While many of you are having snow and ice, we’ve had several foggy mornings recently.

fog 1-12-2015 2-32-28 PM

2.) This beautiful, hungry creature has decided that my liriope plants are free for the munching.  (Photo taken through our bedroom window.)

deer 1-19-2015 4-04-29 PM

3.) Since it’s been awhile since I’ve shared a photo of Gypsy, here’s one from earlier this week of her and her Motor Man. They were having a little chat.

gyp and jr-001

4.) Jeff Gordon announced that he’ll retire after this racing season. Although he has his critics (who doesn’t), Motor Man and I have always “pulled for him”.  I took this photo at Charlotte Motor Speedway in 1998 or ’99.


5.) I love it when someone corresponds with me after discovering my blog through an internet search. This week, I was contacted by a gentleman who lives in Georgia. He suspects that we “share” a common ancestor: our 8th great grandfather. But he’s hit a snag in his research, and asked if I could help. So I pulled out my family genealogy information and several books, including “Old Surry” and “Colonial Surry” and did some studying last night. I found one little tidbit that just may be of some help to him. I’ll keep you posted.

genealogy books 1-23-2015 6-09-47 AM

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Random Five Friday

Wrapping up another week with Random Five Friday:

1.) Sundae had her yearly check-up yesterday and got a good report. I was very proud of her: she was so well-behaved. She didn’t meow or try to fight the vet or the assistants. Good girl!

sundae 12-30-2013 9-01-10 PM

2.) Not quite yet, but we’re getting close to seeing jonquil blooms.

buds 2-25-2014 9-25-21 AM

3.) My friends and I celebrated Shirley’s birthday Wednesday at a little Italian restaurant. The servers there know us well and seem to enjoy us coming in for lunch.  We were having fun, posing for pictures and pretending to “cater to” the birthday girl. (“Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional.” ~ Chili Davis)

bd girl 2-26-2014 2-07-05 PM

4.) One of the perks of blogging is “meeting” new people.  Yesterday, I “met” a VERY distant relative. She’d found my Friday’s Fences post about Smith’s Fort Plantation from April of last year, and left a comment that she was researching a mutual ancestor, Thomas Warren. Thomas was my 8th great grandfather and her 10th great grandfather.  Wonder exactly what “kin” that makes us?

5.) All together now:  “GOOD-BYE FEBRUARY”!

sun setting 2-9-2014 5-31-18 PM

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Random Five Friday

Here we are again: time for Random Five Friday.

1.) As you can imagine, my thoughts this week are mostly on the weather. We’re still covered in snow, and although it’s hindered travel for some, it’s made for some outstanding photo ops.

icy trees and shrubs 1-30-2014 8-04-09 AM

2.) If you aren’t an e-mail subscriber of These Days, here’s a programming note: although I don’t usually post on weekends, there will be a special post this Sunday. And, no, it isn’t Groundhog Day related, nor Super Bowl related.

3.) Have you ever heard the expression: “If friends were flowers, I’d pick you!”? When Motor Man and I met with my friend, Pam, and her husband, Dave, back in December, Pam gave me an Amaryllis for Christmas. It’s now blooming, and everytime I walk by it, I think of her. And yes, Pam, I would definitely pick you!

amaryllis 1-30-2014 2-32-43 PM

4.) This week, I’ve been thankful again for the genealogical information that I am so fortunate to have inherited.  A distant cousin (90 years old) passed away on Monday, and I’ll be attending her funeral this afternoon. How is she related to me? Her grandmother and my great-grandmother were sisters. We’re cousins, but I have no idea how many times removed. She was a sweet person, and I’ll miss visiting her in the nursing home.

hazel  1-30-2014 3-15-12 PM.bmp-001

5.)  Thursday evening’s sunset was simply amazing. I trudged across our side yard in snow to the top of my boots to get this. (It was worth it.)

winter sunset1 1-29-2014 5-39-18 PM

Happy Friday, everyone, and I’m joining Nancy at A Rural Journal for:

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