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Playing To My Scottish Heritage

Monday evening at home, I heard “music” coming from a distance, but couldn’t identify the source. I stepped out on our porch and realized I was hearing bagpipes.

Upon further investigation, I discovered the sound was coming from the area of the marina in front of our house. I quickly walked around to that side of our yard and started recording. If you look closely you can see the bagpiper walking to the right toward the gazebo.

(I apologize for the shakiness of the video. The gnats (no-see-ums) were feasting on me.)


My first thought was that this could possibly be part of a memorial service, but I didn’t see a gathering of any sort.

It was rather nice, having what appeared to be my own little private concert.  From the distance, I couldn’t tell if the bagpiper were male or female. When the song ended, I began applauding, not knowing if he/she could hear me. But a woman’s voice immediately called back to thank me.  I replied: “That was beautiful!”, and she said she was glad it wasn’t disturbing me.

Most of you probably don’t know that my maiden name was McGuriman. The genealogy on my father’s side has been traced back to the 1700’s in Glasgow.

So this was a very fitting “private concert” indeed, and if there are more in the future, I’ll be a very willing attendee.

~These Days Of Mine~