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Fire Up The Presses

Like most of you, I was taught from an early age that it’s impolite to boast or “toot my own horn”.  So I struggled with today’s post. But I was so honored by this and wanted to share with my readers.

You may recall a couple of months ago when Motor Man and I “helped” launch a hot air balloon.  We didn’t ride, but one of the passengers that day was a reporter for our local paper.

A couple of weeks later, he e-mailed to ask me for permission to use some of my photos in an upcoming story. Well, the story was in yesterday’s paper. I would share the link with you, but it isn’t visible unless you have a digital subscription. So here’s the next best thing:

balloon full page 1-12-2014 8-35-07 AM

And close-ups of the article, just in case you’d like to read it. Hopefully, you can click to enlarge the pictures.

balloon1 1-12-2014 8-34-42 AM

Yes, I was given photo credit!

balloon2 1-12-2014 8-34-54 AM

This photo was taken by the reporter.

balloon3 1-12-2014 9-12-11 AM

That’s Motor Man on the left in this next picture, helping to keep the balloon from launching until it can be untethered.

balloon4 1-12-2014 8-35-26 AM

In other news, on Saturday afternoon, we had very odd weather (more about that tomorrow) in our area. That morning, I had run some errands in the nearest “big city”, Newport News. On the way home, as I was about to drive onto the James River Bridge, which connects our county to Newport News, I noticed fog over the river. I diverted to a nearby riverside park, and took this photo.

jrb fog2-001

And this picture was also published in yesterday’s paper in a weather-related article.

So that’s my news that I’m humbly sharing with all of you.

~These Days Of Mine~