Up, Up And Away

A couple of months ago, Motor Man and I met Mark, the owner of a local hot air balloon company. Within a few minutes, they had exchanged cell phone numbers, and they’ve spoken occasionally since that time.

(We are planning a balloon ride soon, but it just hasn’t happened yet.)

Recently, we learned, through Mark, that members of a production company, hired by the Virginia Historical Society, would be filming some shots of our area from the balloons. The first launch took place just after sunrise Tuesday morning  from our local park, and Motor Man and I were invited to be there.


Two balloons were used in order for the cameramen to get shots of the “other” balloon during flight. This photo was taken just after the balloons were unloaded from the trucks and stretched across the ground. (That’s historic Windsor Castle in the background.)

two balloons 11-4-2013 7-42-01 PM

Mark showed one of the cameramen the inside of the balloon as it was being inflated with air from a large fan.

mark and cameraman 11-4-2013 7-51-21 PM

Motor Man and I helped hold one of the balloons as it was inflated. Then, heat from the burner lifted the balloon off the ground.  (That’s my hand you see at the bottom right of the photo. We were a little closer to that fire than I would have liked.)

jr w balloon2 11-4-2013 8-04-34 PM

This is the other balloon being inflated. You don’t realize how huge those balloons are until you see them on the ground.

other balloon 11-4-2013 8-06-09 PM 11-4-2013 8-06-09 PM

Motor Man and a crew member had to hold the basket down until it could be untethered from the truck. You can see that between the wind and the heat from the burner, it was starting to lift off the ground, even with a basket full of people.

jr and luke holding balloon 11-4-2013 8-08-23 PM

And they’re off!

balloon best 11-4-2013 8-09-31 PM

It was interesting to see all that was involved in launching the balloons and so beautiful to watch them just drifting away.

2 balloons launched 11-4-2013 8-11-02 PM

~These Days Of Mine~

28 responses to “Up, Up And Away

  1. You and Motor Man always manage to be in the midst of the adventure. Not surprised MM had made an instant friend of the owner…he does that with everyone!!

  2. We saw the balloon when it flew over our house. Couldn’t figure out what the mysterious sound of the flame-burst were until it came into sight. So neat to have this flying around the town. Great story!

  3. Great photos……we love watching the balloons launch – we’re right across from a school yard which frequently was used for launching and the balloons would go right over the house so we could wave! It’s also quite magical to be up in the air when there are a bunch of balloons around – David and I have some photos we took when we were flying in our plane after a big balloon rally out in the country. The whole thing is fascinating and beautiful…..hope you take a ride soon!


  4. What an experience! Talk about “lending a hand.”
    The Goodyear blimp used to be parked across from my high school. On weekends we could hear the slightest sound of a motor, look up and see it fly over the house. Sadly, it was relocated many years ago to another state. Looking forward to hearing about a balloon ride.

  5. Bucket list item for sure! I’m a little scared but intrigued just enough to make it happen .. someday. I know I’ll never get Hubbs up in it, though. He’s scared to death of heights. Just me talking about it makes him shiver..

    🙂 MJ

  6. Ward and Becky G. went up in a balloon, when we went to the world’s fair in Tenn. (a long time ago). Dwight and I followed the country roads(in our car) until they decided to set it down. Amazing as to how every thing works so well. Then they had a christening afterwards and a big steak dinner. They had a lasting experience, which they speak of often. Not for me!!!!!!!jj

  7. What an exciting day. I remember one of the first IMAX movies at the VA Air and Space Museum in Hampton was a ride in a balloon. It was exciting to be above the trees, made your stomach do flips.

  8. Cool pictures Dianna! Feel like I am standing there in your third snap. How nice that there is a sweet red barn in the balloon festivities! That balloon had ideas of its own and wasn’t going to wait much longer to be up and away!!!

  9. love the last shot. neat experience for both of you!

  10. Great pictures! Looked like a great morning for a balloon ride! I’d get up early for that! David and I had a balloon ride on an anniversary many years ago in Del Mar, CA. It was amazing! We both loved it!! Tell JR to get that guy back here. We’ll make it worth his while! Sign us up…to go up!

  11. That was so cool!! When we lived in the Pacific Northwest, we often saw hot air balloons and we so enjoyed watching them. Friends of ours went up in a balloon for a wedding anniversary, a gift given by their daughters, and I always thought that would be such a neat idea. Really enjoyed your photos and can’t wait to see the ones you take when you & Motor Man take a soaring adventure in one!

  12. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    What a amazing experience for you and JR. It not only looks interesting but very pretty up in the air. Hope you and JR get to take you ride soon.
    Have fun!

  13. I’ve never seen the process outlined before – One of these woke me up one morning as it was going over the area behind the house. I thought the neighbors were pressure-washing something at first !

  14. Looks like it was a perfect day for a fun new experience. I bet it was exciting to be so close to the beautiful giants. Sweet!

  15. itsallaboutpurple

    go dianna, it was one of the best adventures of my life!! i have a huge fear of heights but wanted to concur that fear so badly, so i did it!! you float, you feel weightless…..i never felt fear. the view is breathtaking, an experience you will never forget!!

  16. I saw them crossover the highway on my way to work. Thought I’d have an accident trying to take a picture with my cell phone. Hope you get to go up. You’d be sure to get wonderful pics. They are beautiful to see in the morning skies.

  17. An incredible thing to watch and thank you for sharing Dianna. I have always wanted to go up in one of those and I envy you being that close to the excitement.

  18. Now that’s an experience!

  19. How exciting for you guys! Photos are great, as usual. We got to go up in a balloon several years ago. I remember being nervous before, and then completely enchanted once we were up. Forgot to be afraid…I was too absorbed in seeing the view. You’ll be fine…your camera will be clicking away to share shots with all of us! ~ Sheila

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  21. Oh yes, I remember this blog post and how exciting it was! Wish I had been along too. 🙂

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