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Scenes Of Christmas

Our was a quiet, but nice Christmas holiday. Although it was seasonably cool, yesterday was a pretty day in our area.

Sundae  was a good sport about wearing a Santa hat.

Even when it shifted, and the ‘fur ball’ was right on her sweet little kitty nose.

Gypsy wasn’t a fan of the hat, but she wore the festive kitty collar well.

Motor Man took this picture of us.

On a more serious note, although I kept the Christmas decorating simple this year, I did put out our nativity (Avon Heavenly Blessings from the 1980’s).

Christmas evening, waiting for Marshall to arrive to exchange gifts.

For the past several years, we’ve used the tripod to take a family picture on Christmas evening. This has to be one of my favorites.

It was a wonderful Christmas for us, and we’re so grateful.

~These Days Of Mine~