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Love Your Hoomans Day

Good morning, efurryone. Allow me to introduce myself, since it’s been a while since I’ve written a post for Motor Mommy.

I am Sundae, the calico. You may have heard that yesterday was “Love Your Pets Day”.  Motor Mommy messaged that to her friend (my Aunt Donna), and got this reply: “EVERY day is love your pets day!”.

So my step-sisfur, Gypsy, and I decided that we are proclaiming today: “Love Your Hoomans Day”.  This is how we show our love:

I love cuddling with my pawrents when they’re in their recliners. I get just as close as I can to Motor Mommy’s chin.

I don’t cuddle with Motor Man as much, because my fur makes him sneeze.

When my sisfur, Gypsy, was a little baby girl, this is how she loved Motor Man.

But now, she’s much too big for that.

And this is how Gypsy  shows Motor Mommy her love, by being a top-notch office assistant.

So remember, all you pets out there: today is Love Your Hoomans Day!

~These Days Of Mine~