Love Your Hoomans Day

Good morning, efurryone. Allow me to introduce myself, since it’s been a while since I’ve written a post for Motor Mommy.

I am Sundae, the calico. You may have heard that yesterday was “Love Your Pets Day”.  Motor Mommy messaged that to her friend (my Aunt Donna), and got this reply: “EVERY day is love your pets day!”.

So my step-sisfur, Gypsy, and I decided that we are proclaiming today: “Love Your Hoomans Day”.  This is how we show our love:

I love cuddling with my pawrents when they’re in their recliners. I get just as close as I can to Motor Mommy’s chin.

I don’t cuddle with Motor Man as much, because my fur makes him sneeze.

When my sisfur, Gypsy, was a little baby girl, this is how she loved Motor Man.

But now, she’s much too big for that.

And this is how Gypsy  shows Motor Mommy her love, by being a top-notch office assistant.

So remember, all you pets out there: today is Love Your Hoomans Day!

~These Days Of Mine~


7 responses to “Love Your Hoomans Day

  1. All these pictures are so cute!!!
    Your babies are fortunate to have such loving hoomans!!

  2. Sweet photos……I say that every day is “love your hooman day” just as I agree that every day is “love your pets day”…….! For people and their pets love is a two-way street. Hi to Gypsy and Sundae from me!

    Teddy, One Spoiled Cat

  3. Love the photos of you sweet kitties and your wonderful hoomans – who are very loved as well.

  4. So sweet and snuggly. Now my cats are getting extra love!

  5. Your FurFriends are very fortunate with their hoomans!

  6. Looks like everybody knows how to celebrate Hoomans Day !!

  7. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Sundae, you and Gypsy have a wonderful homes & pawrents!!

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