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Weekend Updates

Just to update you on some things mentioned in my Friday’s “random” post:

My friends and I had a wonderful lunch and visit on Saturday, all decked out in our greenery. (I was desperately in need of my sunglasses....)

And April, the giraffe, did indeed have her calf this weekend, on Saturday to be exact.  She timed it to coincide with our lunch.  And I am so thankful for those understanding friends. I propped my phone up in front of my plate and (hopefully) discreetly caught glimpses of April as we ate and chatted. And I was fortunate enough to actually be watching just as the baby was born.

If you’ve never watched the April cam, here’s the link.  Warning: VERY addictive. Oh, and April and son are both doing fine. By the way, her “baby” was 5’11” and weighed 139 at birth. Wow.

My Motor Man and I celebrated St. Patrick’s Day yesterday with yet another trip to the Outer Banks in search of horses.

Speaking of the Corolla wild horses, tune in Wednesday for some fun news and a giveaway!

~These Days Of Mine~




Cold Day: Warm Friends

Since I’ve already shared all the randomness in our world this week,  rather than a Random Five Friday, I thought I’d share a little about the adventure we had yesterday.

If you’ve been following this blog for any length of time, you will recall that one of my dearest blogging friends is Pam (whose cat, Sammy, is the “author” of One Spoiled Cat).  Pam and I email each other every day, and she and her husband, Dave, have met with Motor Man and me several times for lunch and antiquing.

Yesterday, we, once again, met in Hanover for lunch at Hanover Tavern.  It was a frigid day with high temps in the mid 20’s.

pam and dave 1-8-2015 12-47-39 PM

We didn’t ask anyone to take a picture of the four of us, so we did the next best thing: took photos of each other.

When Pam took our picture, she suggested that I give Motor Man a little smooch;  I thought it sounded like a good idea.

smooch 1-8-2015 12-48-38 PM

After leaving the Tavern, we drove a few miles to Cold Harbor Antiques, where we enjoyed browsing the many booths. Pam and I both decided that, given the opportunity, she and I could spend an entire day there.

pam and db 1-8-2015 2-19-06 PM

But, let me share with you just what a sweet and thoughtful friend Pam is. Before Christmas, I shared a picture in a blog post of the Charlie Brown tree that I had bought a couple of years ago for my cousin’s room at the convalescent center.

Yesterday, when we exchanged gifts with Pam and Dave, this was my Christmas card and the bag she used for my gift.

charlie brown 1-8-2015 5-03-36 PM

AND, since Pam has heard so much about all my shelling trips with my friend, Bev, this was my gift: a sweet little ceramic bowl she bought at a craft show.  “Rise and shine! It’s beach walkin’ time!”

beach walkin 1-8-2015 5-03-55 PM

Meeting good friends for lunch and antiquing was a fun way to spend such a cold day.

 ~These Days Of Mine~