Weekend Updates

Just to update you on some things mentioned in my Friday’s “random” post:

My friends and I had a wonderful lunch and visit on Saturday, all decked out in our greenery. (I was desperately in need of my sunglasses....)

And April, the giraffe, did indeed have her calf this weekend, on Saturday to be exact.  She timed it to coincide with our lunch.  And I am so thankful for those understanding friends. I propped my phone up in front of my plate and (hopefully) discreetly caught glimpses of April as we ate and chatted. And I was fortunate enough to actually be watching just as the baby was born.

If you’ve never watched the April cam, here’s the link.  Warning: VERY addictive. Oh, and April and son are both doing fine. By the way, her “baby” was 5’11” and weighed 139 at birth. Wow.

My Motor Man and I celebrated St. Patrick’s Day yesterday with yet another trip to the Outer Banks in search of horses.

Speaking of the Corolla wild horses, tune in Wednesday for some fun news and a giveaway!

~These Days Of Mine~




6 responses to “Weekend Updates

  1. Yay for a wonderful weekend! Love that you were able to watch April—I was thinking about you!

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend……..St. Patrick’s Day lunch with friends, new baby giraffe, and a trip to the beach. YAY!


  3. WOW – that was some exciting lunch! You gals look GREAT and CONGRATS to April. You and Motor Man look awesome as you head out for your favorite relaxing spot. Looking forward to Wednesday – that’s some tease!!!

  4. You and your girls always look like you’re having so much fun! Glad you didn’t miss the big event; I saw a video of April and her new baby, so cute.

  5. Another fun filled weekend! Even welcomed a new baby !

  6. Such a wonderful weekend. My husband and I saw on the news the announcement of April’s new baby boy.
    I’m happy the birth went smoothly and Mother and son are both well and doing fine.

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