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Fun: From A Distance

So, how is your social distancing coming along?

As you know, Motor Man and I normally take a day trip to Carova, NC most weekends. However, the Outer Banks has a visitor restriction right now (understandably so: their medical facilities are somewhat limited). So we decided to ride to the Northern Neck area of Virginia.

And along the way, we found some fun while avoiding contact with anyone else. We saw this old building, and stopped to investigate. It’s an old jail, built in the early 1800’s, located in Lancaster, Virginia.

On the same property was a wonderful old red barn, so we took the opportunity for a picture. Once again, we hadn’t thought to bring our tripod, so we placed the camera on a fence post, and I rushed to join Motor Man before shutter clicked.

A little further along, we passed this beautiful old home. The sign in front said: “Woodlawn, 1750”.

A better view of the side and an outbuilding.

And to my delight, we saw something quite rare (for us anyway). Motor Man had seen a road sign alerting motorists to ‘horse and carriages’ in the area, so we assumed there might be Amish nearby.

As we drove along, we saw someone riding a horse on the shoulder of the highway. Since this is most unusual, Motor Man made a u-turn, so I could take pictures.

When I saw the way this young man was dressed, I realized that he was, indeed, Amish.

We pulled over at a safe location, thinking he might ride right by us. But, just before he reached us, he made a turn.

I LOVE this picture. The horse obviously realized that he was on the home stretch, and I love that the young man is adjusting his hat. (In a perfect world, the house wouldn’t be there, and I wouldn’t have needed to do a little less-than-ideal photo editing.)

Obviously the two of them were getting ready for the ride down this long lane.

What fun did you discover this weekend?

~These Days Of Mine~








Day Trippin’

Motor Man and I recently began taking occasional day trips.   Usually  we head to the Outer Banks, but last week, we decided to go to the Northern Neck region of Virginia, which is about a two-hour drive for us.  We had heard of two tiny ferries in that area, and thought it would be fun to take a ride.

We woke early that morning to a pretty pre-sunrise sky.

sunrise 9-24-2015 6-27-08 AM

 As we neared the first ferry, Sunny Bank, we saw signs that it wasn’t operating that day.  But we decided that we’d continue on, just to see the “dock”.  Once there, we determined that tidal flooding was, most likely, the reason there was no ferry service.

sunny bank 9-24-2015 11-00-57 AM

So….. on to the other ferry, Merry Point. Along the way, we passed through this intersection.  You just gotta love the name “Hoecake Road”.

sign 9-24-2015 12-45-00 PM

We were in luck: Merry Point Ferry was in service. If you look closely, you can see the ferry cables.

ferry 9-24-2015 12-54-26 PM

The ferry crosses the Corrotoman River and has a capacity of three vehicles and six passengers.  A pick-up truck boarded the ferry after we did.  Apparently, the driver was a local, and he and the captain were deep in conversation during the approximately 5-minute crossing.  We didn’t want to interrupt to ask to have a picture taken of us.  So we did the next best thing. I took one of Motor Man:

jr 9-24-2015 12-58-40 PM

And he took one of me.

db 9-24-2015 12-58-33 PM

In the time it took to take a couple of pictures, we were on the other side.

ferry landing 9-24-2015 1-01-03 PM

So that was our most recent day trip: nothing fancy, nothing expensive, just a ride through pretty country on a nice day.

~These Days Of Mine~

Sweet Ride


“Life with you is like a road trip;
we may not always know where we’re going, but it’s a sweet ride.”

 Sunday morning, Motor Man and I left early on our annual day trip to Reedville. The old homes were decorated beautifully for the Fourth of July.  There really isn’t much to do in that little town, though, so after we cruised Main and took pictures, we headed toward home.

And on the way, we rode by Bay Aviation, which offers aerial sightseeing tours of the area. Motor Man LOVES to fly. Me? Not so much. But it was a beautiful day, and I knew how much my hubby would enjoy seeing the Northern Neck of Virginia from the air.

The plane! The plane!

A quick photo before our flight. “Pardon me, is my fear showing?”

I looked rather official sitting at the instrument panel, wearing my headset.  We all know that looks can be deceiving.


Motor Man insisted I sit up front. He was perfectly happy in the back.

Virginia’s Northern Neck is on the western shore of the Chesapeake Bay, and for a great deal of our flight, we were over the Bay. We flew over The New Point Comfort Lighthouse, which was built in 1805. I must admit, I didn’t know much about it until I did some research earlier today.  Here’s the link to a wonderful web-site with the history of the lighthouse.

Several bodies of water were visible during our tour, including the Severn, the Piankatank and the Rappahannock rivers. There was some smoke in the air from wildfires burning in northeastern North Carolina.

There were just a few boats along this little stretch of beach.

I must admit, as our flight was nearing its end, I was glad to see this come into view.

Other than a tiny bit of turbulence, referred to by our pilot as “air bubbles”,  I really did enjoy the flight.

 Sometimes you have to just put fear aside for a sweet ride.