Fun: From A Distance

So, how is your social distancing coming along?

As you know, Motor Man and I normally take a day trip to Carova, NC most weekends. However, the Outer Banks has a visitor restriction right now (understandably so: their medical facilities are somewhat limited). So we decided to ride to the Northern Neck area of Virginia.

And along the way, we found some fun while avoiding contact with anyone else. We saw this old building, and stopped to investigate. It’s an old jail, built in the early 1800’s, located in Lancaster, Virginia.

On the same property was a wonderful old red barn, so we took the opportunity for a picture. Once again, we hadn’t thought to bring our tripod, so we placed the camera on a fence post, and I rushed to join Motor Man before shutter clicked.

A little further along, we passed this beautiful old home. The sign in front said: “Woodlawn, 1750”.

A better view of the side and an outbuilding.

And to my delight, we saw something quite rare (for us anyway). Motor Man had seen a road sign alerting motorists to ‘horse and carriages’ in the area, so we assumed there might be Amish nearby.

As we drove along, we saw someone riding a horse on the shoulder of the highway. Since this is most unusual, Motor Man made a u-turn, so I could take pictures.

When I saw the way this young man was dressed, I realized that he was, indeed, Amish.

We pulled over at a safe location, thinking he might ride right by us. But, just before he reached us, he made a turn.

I LOVE this picture. The horse obviously realized that he was on the home stretch, and I love that the young man is adjusting his hat. (In a perfect world, the house wouldn’t be there, and I wouldn’t have needed to do a little less-than-ideal photo editing.)

Obviously the two of them were getting ready for the ride down this long lane.

What fun did you discover this weekend?

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6 responses to “Fun: From A Distance

  1. That’s what we’re doing – rides in the country – picnics in the car – and it looks like even thought the beach and its’ horses are off limits for now to you, you are still able to find them and photograph them!


  2. Love your ride in the country. They are the most surprising rides because you never know what’s around the curve. We enjoyed ‘church at home’, took a ride into town to drop off some papers, and rediscovered playing cards together – did some major LAUGHING!!!!

  3. What a fun day trip! Chuck & I were on the Northern Neck last summer. We love the area. Your pictures are great.

  4. I love reading of your adventures! We took a ride yesterday to one of the Metro Parks in the area, and took a walk (well, for everyone else it was a walk, for me it was a hike! lol). It was cool, but sunny, and a winter coat was enough. I didn’t even need my gloves, and had my coat half way unzipped. Of course, we did practice our social distancing! This was a park we had not been to before, so it was really nice to go to.

  5. you’re social distancing with style ! great pics & vid – as usual ! I can’t say I remember ever hearing about Woodlawn – it’s another one of those carefully-detailed houses like the one on Aberdeen – I’ll have to do research ….

  6. Awesome! Rides in the car are great ways to social distance and you two found a gem to enjoy and photograph.

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