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These Days R5F

It’s Friday again. Perhaps I can come up with five random thoughts this week that don’t include estate sales.

1.)  Antoine and I have really been enjoying the sunsets recently.

antoine sunset 10-17-2015 6-25-35 PM

2.)  Motor Man and I took Motor Mum for a ride on the Jamestown/Scotland ferry last Sunday.  The sky has been so beautiful lately; as the gulls flew over, I snapped a few pictures.

seagull best 10-18-2015 1-33-16 PM 10-18-2015 1-33-16 PM

3.)  Earlier this week, Motor Man reconnected with a friend from 40+ years ago. His friend has an extensive classic car collection.  What do you think? Am I the Ferrari type? (Not really: more of an  American muscle car girl.)

DB ferrari

4.) On a trip to the Outer Banks a couple of weeks ago, I managed to get a picture- taken at 55 miles per hour – of the sunset.  I sure do miss the Barn Charm meme, and find myself still drawn to old barns.

barn and sunset 10-8-2015 6-30-10 PM

5.) A photo from this week’s day trip (yesterday).  Hint: beautiful! Details next week.

mountains3 10-22-2015 2-05-12 PM

Happy weekend, everyone!

~These Days Of Mine~

The Inaugural “These Barns”

(Last week, we learned that the Barn Charm meme was ending.  However, I see no chance that Motor Man and I, during our travels, will stop seeking out barns. So unless/until Barn Charm is reborn, I’ll share photos here on Tuesdays of barns that we find, and will title them “These Barns”.)

During our trip to Martinsville last weekend, we took a few back roads and found some barns, including these two in this pretty setting.


It’s so nice to see homeowners taking pride in their property. I love the charm of three tobacco baskets hanging on the side of the barn.

barn - tobacco baskets

I’m sad to not be linking up to Barn Charm this week, and I’m probably not alone. It was a favorite meme for many bloggers and their readers.

Farewell, Barn Charm

One of my favorite blog memes, Barn Charm, is no more. And I really hate to see it go.  The first ever Barn Charm was on October 4, 2010, and ironically, I participated for the first time exactly one year later on October 4, 2011.

As a going-away post, here’s a barn Motor Man and I found this weekend in a neighboring county.

barn1 9-29-2013 11-37-43 AM

I thought the little bit of remaining red paint was interesting.

This next picture is of the opposite end of the barn. (You know I love the fact that there’s a horse in the shot.)

barn2 9-29-2013 11-39-39 AM

And here’s one of the side. (A little more red paint.)

barn4 9-29-2013 11-40-37 AM

Even though Barn Charm may be gone, don’t be surprised if I share a barn photo once in awhile here on These Days.

  Old habits die hard.

Thanks, Bluff Area Daily, for hosting and for all the wonderful Barn Charm memories.

Barn Charm In Carolina

My entry for Barn Charm this week is a North Carolina barn that we pass on our trips to and from the Outer Banks.

Although, obviously, many years have passed since this barn was used, it’s nice to see that the owner is keeping the grass around it mown.

This lane runs alongside the barn. As I mentioned yesterday, I’m a sucker for lanes, paths, etc.

The overgrown state made it difficult to determine much about the barn and its surroundings, but I’m guessing these were wooden gates in the fence. I thought they were interesting.

And you gotta love that old rusty tin roof.  If you’ve ever heard rain on a tin roof, you can just imagine being caught inside this old barn during a sudden summer rain. Back when it was in better condition, of course.

Linking up to Barn Charm.

An Oldie For Barn Charm

The barn I chose for today’s Barn Charm is just a few miles from us. There’s an old house in front of it, near the highway.  The house is easy to spot, especially in the winter when the trees are bare. But last month, I happened to notice the barn for the first time.

Here’s a close-up. Motor Man’s sister, Carolyn, thinks it dates from around the 1920’s or 1930’s.

There’s also an old shed on the same property.

And an old smokehouse.

This is the house that’s easily seen from the highway.  Carolyn says it’s unusual to have so many outbuildings for such a modest-sized tenant house.

The house and outbuildings have been vacant for many years, but it must have been a busy place at one time.

Linking up Tricia’s Barn Charm.

Barn Charm: Watching

Since I began linking up to Barn Charm every Tuesday, I’ve started noticing barns that I’ve passed by for years without really seeing. This barn is located between my home town of Bacon’s Castle and the next larger town of Smithfield. It sits rather close to the highway behind an old country store that’s been closed for years..

This old barn saw me passing by on Saturday mornings as a child when Mom and I would travel to Smithfield to do our weekly shopping and have a lime-ade at the drug store soda fountain.

This old barn watched me as a new high school graduate travel to work every morning in Smithfield and return home in the afternoon.

After I married, and Marshall was born, this old barn saw us drive by every Sunday morning on our way to church and back home again in the afternoon after lunch at my Mom’s.

In recent years, the old barn has seen me travel by less often.

Although I’ve passed by this old barn more times than I could count, I can honestly say that I never really saw it until a few weeks ago, when Motor Man pointed to it.

It’s leaning so badly, the picture almost appears distorted.

We thought I should get pictures while it’s still watching folks pass by.

That may not be the case much longer.

Linking up to Barn Charm.

Barn Charm – Somewhere In Carolina

Motor Man has become so good at spotting barns, I think maybe I should turn over Tuesday’s Barn Charm posts to him.

He spotted this oldie on Saturday as we were heading toward “our weekend destination” (if I tell, it will spoil tomorrow’s surprise), but he didn’t mention it to me. Sunday, as we were returning from said destination, he remembered the location. He told me we were coming up on an old barn, and stopped for me to take pictures.

His words as we came to a stop? “There won’t be many more pictures taken of this one”.

Now, as to the unevenness of that door: is it a result of the aging building….or, was the builder not too handy with a level?