These Days R5F

It’s Friday again. Perhaps I can come up with five random thoughts this week that don’t include estate sales.

1.)  Antoine and I have really been enjoying the sunsets recently.

antoine sunset 10-17-2015 6-25-35 PM

2.)  Motor Man and I took Motor Mum for a ride on the Jamestown/Scotland ferry last Sunday.  The sky has been so beautiful lately; as the gulls flew over, I snapped a few pictures.

seagull best 10-18-2015 1-33-16 PM 10-18-2015 1-33-16 PM

3.)  Earlier this week, Motor Man reconnected with a friend from 40+ years ago. His friend has an extensive classic car collection.  What do you think? Am I the Ferrari type? (Not really: more of an  American muscle car girl.)

DB ferrari

4.) On a trip to the Outer Banks a couple of weeks ago, I managed to get a picture- taken at 55 miles per hour – of the sunset.  I sure do miss the Barn Charm meme, and find myself still drawn to old barns.

barn and sunset 10-8-2015 6-30-10 PM

5.) A photo from this week’s day trip (yesterday).  Hint: beautiful! Details next week.

mountains3 10-22-2015 2-05-12 PM

Happy weekend, everyone!

~These Days Of Mine~

13 responses to “These Days R5F

  1. Ferrari? It’s RED – that’s the important thing – and you look GOOD in it!! Didn’t you want to take it out for a spin? All photos are BEAUTIFUL – am going to get some of my own from my own mountain trip today and tomorrow. I miss the Barn Charm also!

  2. Gosh……I think I could easily give up muscle cars for a Ferrari….or Jag….or…..NEVER MIND! Looks like a nicely “random” week!


  3. I don’t know, Dianne, you look pretty good in that Ferrari. Oh, I love old barns too!

  4. Just a hint of fall for R5F …
    You look great in the Ferrari ! – you should’ve gotten a pic behind the wheel of the California (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off) – or was that one off-limits ?!
    Great pic of Antoine !

  5. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Looking very cool in that Ferrari, Dianna. Maybe he would trade you lol. Love all the pictures. Enjoy the weekend.

  6. What? No estate sale? You make any car look better.

  7. I love a go fast car! I miss the Barn Charm meme too… a whole lot. I think that is when I started to lose interest in blogging.

    • Pix! Maybe you and I should start a Barn Charm meme ourselves!!

      • You know Dianna I would love to say yes and I think shooting barns would make me pick up my camera again but I know what a PROcrastinator I am. I always fretted over getting the post up on time for Barn Charm and Good Fences. I also think that for now I am just blogged out. But ya never know Barn Charm does inspire… 🙂

  8. I don’t know…you look pretty good in that red Ferarri! 😀

  9. Love the photos! Funny, I never see an old barn now without thinking of you!

  10. You look made for that grand Ferarri!

  11. Beautiful pictures!

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