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The Day Began With A Hamburger Sun

Friday, Motor Man took off for a couple of days and headed to the Outer Banks.

We were on the beach very early Saturday morning. It was a gray, cloudy morning with an unusual sunrise. Motor Man joked that, shortly after it rose, the sun resembled a hamburger.

hamburger sun 8-30-2014 6-34-06 AM

We saw 32 horses, including this one taking a cattle egret for a ride, bareback.

egret 8-30-2014 8-20-06 AM

There are numerous canals just off the beach near Carova. We’ve only once before seen horses in a canal, but three were taking a dip Saturday morning.

3 in canal 8-30-2014 7-30-55 AM

While we were watching, this one emerged from behind the shrubbery on the side. This was my favorite picture taken of the horses that day.

horse coming out of canal 8-30-2014 7-32-01 AM

On ‘Penny’s Hill’, we found evidence of a wedding that had taken place the day before. The signs read: ” Cassie & Hank, August 29, 2014. Shoes here. Vows there. Love everywhere.” Even seeing evidence of a past wedding makes me smile.

wedding 8-30-2014 8-39-49 AM

We drove down to Cape Hatteras later in the day, and stopped at the Hatteras Lighthouse (no, we didn’t climb it). By then, the skies had cleared, and it was a pretty day for pictures.

hatteras light 8-30-2014 12-46-04 PM

We ended the day with an evening walk on the beach with friends.

bev and tanner 8-30-2014 7-39-38 PM

The hamburger sun was the beginning of a fun Saturday.

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