The Day Began With A Hamburger Sun

Friday, Motor Man took off for a couple of days and headed to the Outer Banks.

We were on the beach very early Saturday morning. It was a gray, cloudy morning with an unusual sunrise. Motor Man joked that, shortly after it rose, the sun resembled a hamburger.

hamburger sun 8-30-2014 6-34-06 AM

We saw 32 horses, including this one taking a cattle egret for a ride, bareback.

egret 8-30-2014 8-20-06 AM

There are numerous canals just off the beach near Carova. We’ve only once before seen horses in a canal, but three were taking a dip Saturday morning.

3 in canal 8-30-2014 7-30-55 AM

While we were watching, this one emerged from behind the shrubbery on the side. This was my favorite picture taken of the horses that day.

horse coming out of canal 8-30-2014 7-32-01 AM

On ‘Penny’s Hill’, we found evidence of a wedding that had taken place the day before. The signs read: ” Cassie & Hank, August 29, 2014. Shoes here. Vows there. Love everywhere.” Even seeing evidence of a past wedding makes me smile.

wedding 8-30-2014 8-39-49 AM

We drove down to Cape Hatteras later in the day, and stopped at the Hatteras Lighthouse (no, we didn’t climb it). By then, the skies had cleared, and it was a pretty day for pictures.

hatteras light 8-30-2014 12-46-04 PM

We ended the day with an evening walk on the beach with friends.

bev and tanner 8-30-2014 7-39-38 PM

The hamburger sun was the beginning of a fun Saturday.

~These Days Of Mine~

22 responses to “The Day Began With A Hamburger Sun

  1. Sounds like a “picture perfect” weekend and you still have today to enjoy! Love the sign that you found at the site of the beach wedding…..clever and cute and romantic all rolled into one.


  2. Looks live a lovely day. I am so glad that your sister shared this site with us. Your photos bring great delight to so many of us.

  3. I love the hamburger sunrise! A great day for horse viewing!!
    A fun weekend.

  4. I’ve never heard that term before but will be adopting “hamburger” sun for sure. LOL!

  5. Always so creative – love the pictures!!
    Happy Labor Day!

  6. Love the ‘hamburger’ sun! I’ve seen them before but never thought of that name – love it! And the bareback rider – my favorite!

  7. GREAT pictures Dianna and now I can’t look at the one of the sun without thinking “hamburger!” 🙂

  8. Fun post with so many visual delights but it’s hard to beat the “Hamburger sun!”

  9. i like the ‘hamburger’ description. love the ponies!

  10. I love it! What a beautiful weekend! Ellie

  11. The lighthouse is magnificent. Amazing photography overall!

  12. Love your hamburger sun and the horse giving a ride to a feathered friend. I recognize “our” beach in the last picture. Looks like a very nice relaxing weekend.

  13. Lovely series of photos.

  14. Talk about a title that grabs your attention …. Very fitting – never would’ve thought of it, but that’s exactly what it looks like! All of these are great, and that Hatteras pic could be a postcard !

  15. Hamburger sunrise is cool! And always love the horses ♥

  16. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Another great batch of pictures! The sun is perfectly sharped like a hamburger, amazing! The horses are so pretty as always. I love the one of the bird on the horse’s back. God’s creatures are so fun and interesting. Chuck and I love to visit lighthouses when we can, we have been to the one at Cape Hatteras several times and enjoy each and ever times. It was special that you ran upon that wedding site. You captured it beautifully!

  17. Oh! Wow! What a fabulishious Day!

  18. Love the hamburger sun! And the photos of the horses. I’ve missed visiting and getting my regular dose of your artistic eye. Happy Fall, happy September! ~ Sheila

  19. Sounds like you had a relaxing and lovely weekend. Enjoyed seeing your photo of the lighthouse at Hatteras. Hubby and kids climbed it when we were there — too hot, humid, and claustrophobic for me inside!

  20. That does look like a hamburger sun, a quite unusual sight. Good horse shots, love the egret riding bareback. Looks like a lovely time.

  21. I think we are all in agreement–we love the Dianna coined phrase “hamburger sun” so perfect, I loved the bouncing egret and for desert the three swimming horses. Looked a picture perfect (yes, pun intended) Labor Day weekend and I am Happy for you both!

  22. WONDERFUL pics! The only thing missing in the first one are the words “Burger King” 🙂 And it looks like you already have your entries for next year Corolla Wild Horse calendar! Thanks for sharing – makes me wish I was at the beach again!

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