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Poetic Thursday: The Find

Poetry time with our friends, Pam, Teddy and Angel Sammy at Two Spoiled Cats. We do this every Thursday, and look forward to it each week.

Here’s this week’s inspiration photo they gave us:

And this is my silly little poem:

The Find

Okay, Rocky, just where have you been?
And what’s the story with that mannequin?

She’s missing a leg so she can’t walk,
‘the cat’s got your tongue’, and you won’t talk.

I guess she was broken and put out with the trash,
but you can’t add that leg to your toy stash.

I know you’re proud of what you found,
but you’re scaring everybody here in town.

So let’s go for a ride and take it back,
before you give someone a heart attack.

Your treasure-finding skills are off the charts,
but please don’t bring home any more body parts.

~These Days Of Mine~