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Poetic Thursday: Traffic Stop

Happy Thanksgiving, and may we all have something today for which to be thankful. Please know that I appreciate all of you who follow my blog.

Even on the Thanksgiving holiday, we’re having Poetic Thursday today with our friends, Pam, Teddy and Angel Sammy at Two Spoiled Cats.  This photo is our inspiration for today’s poetry:

And here’s my poem:

Traffic Stop

Good afternoon, sir, can tell me what’s up?
Your ride’s not street legal, I’m writing you up.

License and registration, please.
What’s that? You have neither of these?

Well, sir, that will be an additional charge.
You should have left these wheels in the garage.

But since this is staged and all for show,
I’ve decided that I’ll just let you go.

Mom’s saying we should come in and eat.
And remember, my son, don’t play in the street.

~These Days Of Mine~