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Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

Today, we’re participating in a day of remembrance for our pets who have crossed over Rainbow Bridge.

(Sundae very graciously forfeited her turn to post Monday Morning Mews this week.)

There have been so many cats in my life, but the one that was dearest to me was Beezy.

I adopted Beezy from the animal shelter in the summer of 1995, when she was two years old. Later, I learned that her former owners had been acquaintances of mine, and that she was born in my home town of Bacon’s Castle, less than a mile from my childhood home. I like to think that, perhaps, we were so close because we were connected by way of our home town.

I’ve often said that Beezy was my “kitty soul mate”. She just wanted to be with me no matter what I was doing. When I first adopted her, I’d carry her around on my shoulder like a baby. In fact, her given name was Baby. But, as we often do with our pets, her name morphed from the original into something else. Baby became Beezy. I’m not quite sure how that happened: “Baby, Babeez, Bee-Beez, Beez, Beezy”…perhaps?

Beezy was shy and hid whenever visitors came around. But Marshall was family, so she was always comfortable with him.

And when Motor Man came into my life, she accepted him as her own.

You’d never know this man is allergic to cats.

Beezy lived a long life.  But in November of 2009, her health failed, and we had to make that sad, but most unselfish, decision that all pet owners dread. Beezy was 16.

Looking through pictures for this post was bittersweet, and memories came flooding back  of the love I we had for her.

Interestingly enough, we always thought of Beezy as a girl and referred to her as such, but “she” was actually a neutered male. It’s probably best HE didn’t really know the difference. I think HE would have been a bit embarrassed to be sporting this look. With all that long hair, the vet would occasionally have to shave the mats off poor Beez.

This picture was taken at the vet’s office as I held Beezy for the last time.

“Our animal friends teach us more than we expected
and love us more than we could have hoped.
That’s why we miss them
much more than we could ever have imagined.” 

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~These Days Of Mine~