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Wild “Woody “Wednesday

Although our bird feeders have been filled with seed, I’ve seen very few birds recently.

Yesterday morning, as I passed by the kitchen window, I saw something I don’t recall ever seeing before.

When I went for my camera, he was gone, but soon returned.

I love his tiny claws hanging on to the edge. It’s nice to see that he’s sharing the feeder with a little friend.

I just always thought woodpeckers got their nourishment from boring into tree trunks. Interestingly, I assumed this to be a red-headed woodpecker, but upon research, learned that it’s a red-bellied woodpecker.

You’re welcome any time, my handsome feathered friend.

And thanks again to my longtime HUMAN friend, Shirley, for the gift of the beautiful bird feeder. The birds are certainly enjoying it.

~These Days Of Mine~