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“A Mother’s Love”

As promised in last Friday’s Random Five Friday’s post, today I’m sharing exciting news about my friend, Matthew.

If you aren’t familiar with  Matthew, please read this post for some background.

Last week, I received a Facebook message from Mary, Matthew’s mom. In it, she shared this photo with me:

This was her message that accompanied the photo:

The beautiful mom and baby horse drawing that you saw in December won honorable mention in the international disabled artist competition in Minneapolis, Minnesota this week. There are 6 art categories with 1st – 3rd place and honorable mention. So 4 awards in each category. There was also a grand prize winner tonight. Out of 165 entries, Matthew won one of the 25 awards. I am so glad that you were able to see the drawing in person in December as it also sold in the 1st forty minutes of the show tonight. He says you can share this victory on your blog if you would like.

Matthew titled his sketch “A Mother’s Love”.

Mary also mentioned that this is the first ribbon that Matthew has ever won.

Wow. As I’ve said before, I am so honored that Matthew is inspired by my photos. Among other’s, he’s sketched a bluebird, Sundae and many of the wild horses from my pictures.

And, now, here’s the picture that inspired Matthew’s sketch shown above.

This was taken September 10, 2015.  Our friend, Bev, had ridden to the beach with us to see the wild horses. I remember Motor Man and her being so patient as we waited….and waited…and waited for the horses to move into position for me to get the “perfect” shot of this sweet scene.

AND….this picture was one chosen in the Corolla Wild Horse Fund calendar contest and appeared in the 2017 calendar.

So, I have been doubly honored by this photo.

Congratulations, Matthew. I am so proud of your accomplishments!

~These Days Of Mine~



“L.O.V.E.” Letters

You may recall the trip Motor Man and I made to the Daffodil Festival in Gloucester, Va. with Motor Mum a couple of months ago. While there, we had our picture taken at the Virginia Is For Lovers “L.O.V.E.” exhibit.

va is for lovers1 4-6-2014 2-09-34 PM

Then, last month, when we were on the Eastern Shore, we found this “L.O.V.E.” exhibit at Kiptopeke State Park.  Adirondacks are a favorite of mine; my dad used to make them for family members.

the love chairs 5-4-2014 3-33-58 PM

Motor Man and I had our picture taken in the “L” chair.

db jr in the l chair 5-4-2014 3-33-32 PM

Well, earlier this week, we were at Richmond International Raceway for a tribute to our good friend, Junie Donlavey, who passed away last week. As we turned into the race track, we spotted the perfect (for us) “L.O.V.E.” exhibit:

jr in love sign 6-16-2014 6-22-27 PM

The “L” is made up of racing tires, the “O” resembles a checkered flag, the “V” is formed from drivers’ helmets, and the “E” is sheet metal from race cars. Alas, we didn’t have our tripod, and there was no one in that area of the parking lot to take a picture of us together.

db in love sign2 6-16-2014 6-23-04 PM

There are “L.O.V.E.” exhibits that travel to festivals around the state, and thirty stationary ones. Motor Man, we’d better hit the road: that’s a lot of “L.O.V.E.” to see!

~These Days Of Mine~

Garage Passes

As you can imagine, the beginning of the racing season doesn’t go unnoticed around our house. While we don’t watch every single lap of every race, if we’re at home, and a race is being televised, our tv is usually on that channel.

I’d never attended a “big” race until Motor Man and I got together. During those first few years, we attended several Nascar races. We’ve been to Texas Motor Speedway twice, Daytona three times, Charlotte and Richmond several times each and (the now closed) Rockingham once.  If you’re a race fan, nothing can compare to the smells, the sounds and the excitement of being at a big track. (Except, as we’ve discovered as we’ve aged matured, watching it from the comfort of home.)

Through Motor Man’s connections, we usually had garage passes, which meant we had access to the area where all the cars, teams and drivers were.  So I thought I’d share a few photos from some of the races we attended. (If you’re not a race fan, you may want to leave now. I’ll understand.)

This picture of Jeff Gordon was taken at Charlotte Motor Speedway. I’m not sure of the year, probably 1998 or 1999.  If I’d been pushy, I could possibly have gotten an autograph. But, although I took pictures, I never bothered any of the drivers for autographs.


I took this picture of  Tony Stewart (center) in Daytona, probably in 1999 or 2000.

tony stewart

When you’re in the infield, the only real view of the track is from the top of one of the car haulers. This was also taken in Daytona, but I’m not sure what year.  The garage area is a busy, exciting place, but I always worried about being in the way. (There’s, obviously, less danger of that on top of the car hauler.)

from the car hauler

Seating up there is limited, but I managed to find a spot.


And…on the car hauler beside us (looking very much like one of those cardboard stand-ups) was… Dale Earnhardt, Sr.


 Motor Man and I were never big Earnhardt fans, but we witnessed something in Daytona, just four days before his death, that caused us to rethink our opinion of him.

I’ll share that in tomorrow’s post.