“A Mother’s Love”

As promised in last Friday’s Random Five Friday’s post, today I’m sharing exciting news about my friend, Matthew.

If you aren’t familiar with  Matthew, please read this post for some background.

Last week, I received a Facebook message from Mary, Matthew’s mom. In it, she shared this photo with me:

This was her message that accompanied the photo:

The beautiful mom and baby horse drawing that you saw in December won honorable mention in the international disabled artist competition in Minneapolis, Minnesota this week. There are 6 art categories with 1st – 3rd place and honorable mention. So 4 awards in each category. There was also a grand prize winner tonight. Out of 165 entries, Matthew won one of the 25 awards. I am so glad that you were able to see the drawing in person in December as it also sold in the 1st forty minutes of the show tonight. He says you can share this victory on your blog if you would like.

Matthew titled his sketch “A Mother’s Love”.

Mary also mentioned that this is the first ribbon that Matthew has ever won.

Wow. As I’ve said before, I am so honored that Matthew is inspired by my photos. Among other’s, he’s sketched a bluebird, Sundae and many of the wild horses from my pictures.

And, now, here’s the picture that inspired Matthew’s sketch shown above.

This was taken September 10, 2015.  Our friend, Bev, had ridden to the beach with us to see the wild horses. I remember Motor Man and her being so patient as we waited….and waited…and waited for the horses to move into position for me to get the “perfect” shot of this sweet scene.

AND….this picture was one chosen in the Corolla Wild Horse Fund calendar contest and appeared in the 2017 calendar.

So, I have been doubly honored by this photo.

Congratulations, Matthew. I am so proud of your accomplishments!

~These Days Of Mine~



10 responses to ““A Mother’s Love”

  1. How wonderful for Matthew who is a most talented artist indeed!

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

  2. Goosebump moment! So, so sweet and so proud for both artist – Matthew and the photographer. Just WOW!!!

  3. I’ve seen more of Matthew’s work on Knittingparadise.com where he has quite a band of dedicated followers from all over the world, so it’s really good to see his work officially recognised. Your beautiful photo clearly inspired him to these dizzy heights, so all I can say is many congratulations to both of you.xxx

  4. Elizabeth Watson

    I have seen Matthew’s drawings on the knitting site. He is certainly talented and deserves recognition. How wonderful that your photo inspired him to do this drawing. Your photography is superb. Congratulations to you as well.

  5. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    A God moment. How wonderful that this young man is so touched by your photos, Dianna, to create his own special talent. Congrats too you both. ❤

  6. Congrats, Matthew !!
    A fine job, and well done !!

  7. That is simply amazing! What a neat honor for Matthew and you too! I love that you were contacted by Matthew’s mom to let you know how your inspiration for your photos has inspired and blessed him. 🙂

  8. Congratulations to Matthew. What a talented artist he is. It’s a wonderful victory.
    Dianna, your Sundae, Gypsy and horse photos are truly inspiring. They give me a nice smile in my heart when I see them. 🙂

  9. Such a touching honor. What a special soul with a beautiful eye and talent. Heartwarming.

  10. Dianna, you are an amazing person and we were so touched to have the opportunity to meet you in person. I am so glad that June was willing and able to make the connections between us before she went to heaven. This year’s entry in the Legacy Trust Award Collection was done from another of your photos. He surely brings honor to your photos.

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