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Beautiful River; Tragic Cruise


Thursday morning, I took this photo of the  sunrise.

Less than 24 hours later, the river was a busy place with Coast Guard helicopters, cutters, police boats and fire boats.

Looking at this photo, you see the mouth of the Pagan River (the body of water closer to the camera).  In the distance is the James River.  From our side of the water to the treeline on the opposite side, just to the left of the sunrise, the river is about four miles wide.

Late Thursday night, a sailboat with ten people on board left a marina on the other side of the river. (The area where the marina is located isn’t visible in my picture.)  Shortly afterward, the boat capsized. Nine of the boaters were rescued during the night: one of those died at the hospital on Friday, and the tenth person is still missing. With binoculars, we can see police boats in the river this morning.

No details have been released other than the ten people on the boat were in their 20’s and had been at a party when they decided to take a cruise. Whatever the circumstances, it’s sad to look at this beautiful river and know that one and possibly two lives were lost out there that night.

As the mother of a son who’s probably older than any of those involved, my heart goes out to the parents of the young man who didn’t survive this tragedy, to the parents of the missing person, to the friends who did survive.  And to the person(s) whose idea it was to take that cruise.

Boaters (And Boats) Beware


March winds came early to our area this year.  The body of water by our home is  The Pagan River. Last Friday, it was an angry little river.

Since The Pagan is somewhat protected, it’s normally relatively calm. Like this.

Not last Friday.

The boats at the marina in front of our house rocked with the rhythm of the waves. When it’s this windy, the clang of the lines on the sailboat masts is an almost constant sound.

Remember this photo from one of last week’s posts?

This is the exact same spot during Friday’s heavy winds.

It isn’t often we have seaspray on the shores of the Pagan.

That Reminds Me


In my post yesterday, I stated that I think we sometimes take our everyday surroundings for granted. We don’t always appreciate the beauty in our own little corner of the world. I had just finished posting that entry and turned to open the curtains.

This was the morning sky. 

Reminding me

of the beauty

that can be found

right at home.