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Sunset Sunday

The sunset Wednesday evening wasn’t the most colorful one I’ve ever seen, although blue IS my favorite color.

But then my two favorite feathered friends appeared.

I had a stale slightly-out-of-date-but-still-delicious hamburger bun that I offered them in exchange for allowing me to use their photos on my blog.

But they snubbed their beaks politely declined.  Seagulls, on the contrary, never refuse anything resembling food.

And, as the sun continued to set behind the clouds, a feeding frenzy ensued over a single hamburger bun.

…My Flowers Are Waiting…

I went out late yesterday to water what remaining flowers there are in our yard. Garden-hose watering has been the norm this summer, although we’ve had more rain than some areas. 

Of course, I first had to get a picture of the (cloudy) sunset.

As I turned and headed toward the garden hose, I realized I had a visitor.

I hadn’t seen him, but apparently Groom Swan had been patiently waiting for me to come to the water’s edge to throw out some bread to him. And apparently,  he’d grown tired of waiting.

We walked along together back to the water, where it’s easier for him to eat the bread I toss to him.

The seagulls must have had scouts in the area, because they were soon vying for Groom Swan’s bread.

Soon the bread was gone, the seagulls flew away, and Groom Swan swam off into the sunset.

And I still had flowers to water.



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Remember a couple of weeks ago when I posted that I could honestly say I’d just recently seen my very favorite sunset?

Well, now I’m not so sure. The one last Sunday might be my favorite too. Can’t I have two? They could be co-favorites.

The neighborhood waterfowl were there.

Our neighbors have a tiny patch of  “beach” in front of their house. Their grandchildren were out feeding the swan, seagulls and ducks. And skimming rocks on the water. I love the reflection of the sunset on her hair.

I knew my previous “favorite” sunset was in jeopardy when I saw this picture.

Yes, for the time being, I definitely have two favorite sunsets. 

Waterfront Dining


Monday evening I was on the phone with my friend Bev, when I realized it was time for the sunset. Since my cordless phone wouldn’t transmit that far, I told her I’d have to call her back. (Can’t miss a sunset around here.)

My buddy, Groom Swan, doesn’t like to miss a sunset either.

He also doesn’t like to miss a chance to eat, so, of course, I had some bread with me. And that meant we had seagulls for company. I hadn’t brought THAT much bread, so Groom Swan had to be on his game to eat as quickly as I tossed it to him.

Whew! This was a close one.

It certainly doesn’t take long for word of free food to get around in the seagull world.

Groom Swan and I had good team work, so the gulls had to look elsewhere for food.  Finally the last one flew off into the sunset,

leaving Groom Swan to enjoy the sunset – and his dinner – in peace.