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Beach Girl

Not only have I become a horse lover in my later years, I’ve also become a beach girl.  Not the sun-bathing, nor swimming, nor even wading kind of beach girl, but the beachcombing kind.

With a nice sea breeze, I can stroll for hours, either alone or with a friend, sun-visor on, sand shell bucket in hand…knowing that the next treasure waits just a little further along the shoreline.

 PI1 9-4-2014 5-20-13 PM 9-4-2014 5-20-13 PM

Although sea glass is my favorite find, who can resist a pretty shell? Or a dozen?

PI 3 shells 9-4-2014 5-37-08 PM

A few days ago, I found a long stretch of deserted beach on the Outer Banks. It was a magical time, with Motor Man relaxing – (and watching) – in the shade of a nearby dune.


 The above pictures were taken with my cell phone. Motor Man had the camera and took this next one. See that tiny little white speck where the ocean meets the shore? That’s me.

db on beach 9-4-2014 5-51-56 PM

That’s Motor Man’s happy beach girl with her bucket of seashells. And one piece of sea glass.

db waving 9-4-2014 5-59-46 PM

~These Days Of Mine~

Rainy Day On The Beach

Last Sunday was a rainy one on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. But since Motor Man and I had never ridden on the beach in the rain, we decided to give it a try.

No sunrise today.

Because of the strong surf, there was quite a bit of beach erosion.

It was certainly different from any of our previous drives on the beach.

We decided that most of the horses were “sleeping in”, because we only saw a few, including this one, who obviously wasn’t interested in having his picture taken.

This is a large sand dune, just off the “beach road”, known as Penny’s Hill. Motor Man says drag races took place there years ago. It’s a pretty area, even on a less than perfect weather day.

The scenery reminded of a romantic movie. I’ve never seen Nights At Rodanthe, but it kept coming to mind, although we were miles north of the town of Rodanthe.

At one point, the sun came out briefly and reflected on the waves, just as a flock of seagulls was taking flight.

Usually, we’re on the lookout for horses on the dunes and watching the sunrise over the ocean. But since we didn’t have either last week, I decided to keep an eye out for interesting seashells as we drove along the beach. Probably because of the heavy surf, I found quite a few, including several conch shells.

The shells are nice, but I’m hoping we’ll have a sunrise and horses on our next trip.