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On The Subject Of Squirrels

It was unseasonably warm here yesterday, so I took the opportunity to fill the bird feeders.

And no sooner than I came back inside….

I really don’t mind the squirrels having some of the bird seed.  Thankfully, I learned long ago to attach the feeders to the tree limbs with zip-ties.

So far, at least, the feeders are remaining in place.

And the squirrels are entertaining.

Speaking of entertaining, Baby Blues is one of my favorite comic strips. This was Monday’s offering, and as usual, it brought a chuckle.

~These Days Of Mine~




Dinnertime At Animal Kingdom

Motor Man, as well as my son, Marshall, often compare our yard to an animal kingdom.

Yesterday, there was more evidence that they’re on to something.

First, this squirrel was feasting on the seed in this solar snowman bird feeder, a Christmas gift to us from our friend, Donna. (Apparently, if you are a squirrel, bird seed tastes better when you’re hanging upside down.)

squirrel 1-14-2016 4-39-51 PM

And, while that little critter was having dinner at the Solar Snowman Cafe, there were no less than six deer grazing out in the yard.

wild kingdom 1-14-2016 4-40-02 PM

Obviously, Motor Man and Marshall  know of what they speak.

deer 1-14-2016 4-45-06 PM

At least I’m not trying to grow any flowers this time of year. I’m just trying to feed the birds.

~These Days Of Mine~