On The Subject Of Squirrels

It was unseasonably warm here yesterday, so I took the opportunity to fill the bird feeders.

And no sooner than I came back inside….

I really don’t mind the squirrels having some of the bird seed.  Thankfully, I learned long ago to attach the feeders to the tree limbs with zip-ties.

So far, at least, the feeders are remaining in place.

And the squirrels are entertaining.

Speaking of entertaining, Baby Blues is one of my favorite comic strips. This was Monday’s offering, and as usual, it brought a chuckle.

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9 responses to “On The Subject Of Squirrels

  1. Love squirrels and their antics – I call my bird feeders “squirrel feeders” and enjoy seeing them helping themselves – the birds still get their fill and seem OK with sharing. Not familiar with “Baby Blues” but I just bet that chocolate brownies are a heck of a lot more delish than squirrel brownies….HAHA


  2. We don’t mind the squirrels at home, either.. the cats always try to catch them, but they usually just sail from one tree to the next .. the cats can’t do that !

  3. Squirrels are fun to watch and hey, they need to eat too. 😉

  4. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I agree with everyone else squirrels are fun animals to watch. Nature has its way of entertaining us. Dianna, wishing you and JR a Happy & Blessed Thanksgiving. ❤

  5. The squirrels are entertaining – I’ll give you that! But we have them by the ‘herd’! They drive my husband crazy:) He said that he buys bird feed not squirrel feed!

  6. I love watching squirrels. They’re such comical characters. Great photos of them in action. I like that comic strip, it made me physically laugh out laugh.

  7. Squirrels are fun to wath! I, Marvelous, think they are much fun as the birds!
    We are sending Thanksgiving wishes from across the miles from our house to yours. May your home be filled with love, laughter and happiness!
    Marv and Mom

  8. presses this cute post on https://daisymae2017.wordpress.com and reblogged it on https://crystalsphotobloggingsite.wordpress.com which means it got shared on LinkedIn too. Isn’t that great? Loved the comic strip.

  9. Squirrels are so much fun to watch. This year we have an albino squirrel in the back yard that I’m especially enjoying.

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