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Sunset At The Beach

Motor Man and I made a quick trip to the beach this weekend, and we invited my our friend, Donna, to ride with us. Because of summertime weekend traffic, by the time we actually got to the beach, it was late afternoon. Sometimes that can make photos a bit tricky, but then you get lucky with that golden hour sun.

golden hour horses 8-22-2015 6-36-54 PM

We always think it’s comical to see a cattle egret hitching a ride on one of the horses.

horse and egret 8-22-2015 5-48-53 PM

Donna commented that these three appeared to be “on guard”:  keeping watch in all directions.

 3 on watch 8-22-2015 6-52-04 PM 8-22-2015 6-52-04 PM

I guess the grass really IS greener on the other side of the fence.

grass is greener 8-22-2015 6-33-11 PM

This is Wash Woods Coast Guard Station, originally built in 1917, now restored and serving as a Real Estate office. When I first downloaded this picture, I thought the sand looked like snow.

wash woods at sunset 8-22-2015 7-34-32 PM

This watchtower in front of Wash Woods is a replica of the original, also built in 1917, but destroyed by a hurricane in 1933.

sunset18-22-2015 7-33-51 PM 8-22-2015 7-33-51 PM

Motor Man and I aren’t usually up on the beach at sunset. The time of day made for a different experience: less traffic, fewer people on the beach, soft, afternoon lighting. And just as we thought we’d seen all the horses for the day, we spotted this one up on the dune.

horse silhouette 8-22-2015 7-24-20 PM

Gorgeous weather, a wonderful breeze, 40 horses, a very patient husband, a good friend and an amazing sunset made for one perfect day.

~These Days Of Mine~