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Monday Miscellany

Miscellany: there’s a word you don’t get to use often.  But, here are a few random photos I happened to come across on my computer:

One evening last week, as I was outside watering my plants, I glanced up and saw this unusual cloud. Anyone else see a dolphin?

porpoise cloud-001

Saturday, I cleaned out the garage. And I threw away quite a few old, faded flowerpots. The others I took outside, rinsed with the garden hose and placed back in the garage in nice neat stacks.  (And this doesn’t count the ones that are actually in use at this time…) What I’m wondering is just WHO bought all these flowerpots?


Gypsy, our shop kitty, has a scratching post, which she uses regularly. The other day, I glanced over and saw her posing on top of it.  Looking rather regal, wouldn’t you say?

gypsy on scratching post

How’s this for “Bambi eyes”?

bambi eyes 7-29-2016 7-37-59 PM

Saturday night, Motor Man and I went to Dairy Queen for a little date. As we were walking in, I saw this Luna moth (had to text Marshall to i.d. it for me).  It was on an exterior wall only a couple of feet off the ground, and I was afraid a curious child may harm him. So I carefully scooped him up and moved him to a nearby shrub. My friend, Renee, has recently intrigued me with her interest in moths, so I immediately sent her this picture.

luna moth-001

How about your Monday miscellany? Here’s your chance to use that word….

~These Days Of Mine~