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Sunday Supper

During my childhood (and beyond), the mid-day meal was known as “dinner”, and the evening meal was “supper”. Through the years, they’ve become “lunch” and “dinner” respectively. And I suppose those terms do sound a bit more sophisticated, but the word “supper” brings back many fond memories for me.

Last night, Motor Man alerted me to the fact that we had “supper” guests. You may have to study this picture closely: there’s a lot going on here. (I apologize for the reflections. I snapped this through our bedroom window.)  In it, Mama deer has been caught dining on my liriope. And did you see baby deer in the lower right corner of the picture, learning from her example?

Earlier in the day, I noticed the liriope and wondered how it had survived this long. Foolishly, I assumed it was safe tucked away in that forest of celosia.

Yes, you’re busted, Missy. But you’re also beautiful.

And as for your little one, who one day will “grow into” those ears….

Well, what can I say?

Thanks for stopping by for Sunday supper.

~These Days Of Mine~





Monday Miscellany

Miscellany: there’s a word you don’t get to use often.  But, here are a few random photos I happened to come across on my computer:

One evening last week, as I was outside watering my plants, I glanced up and saw this unusual cloud. Anyone else see a dolphin?

porpoise cloud-001

Saturday, I cleaned out the garage. And I threw away quite a few old, faded flowerpots. The others I took outside, rinsed with the garden hose and placed back in the garage in nice neat stacks.  (And this doesn’t count the ones that are actually in use at this time…) What I’m wondering is just WHO bought all these flowerpots?


Gypsy, our shop kitty, has a scratching post, which she uses regularly. The other day, I glanced over and saw her posing on top of it.  Looking rather regal, wouldn’t you say?

gypsy on scratching post

How’s this for “Bambi eyes”?

bambi eyes 7-29-2016 7-37-59 PM

Saturday night, Motor Man and I went to Dairy Queen for a little date. As we were walking in, I saw this Luna moth (had to text Marshall to i.d. it for me).  It was on an exterior wall only a couple of feet off the ground, and I was afraid a curious child may harm him. So I carefully scooped him up and moved him to a nearby shrub. My friend, Renee, has recently intrigued me with her interest in moths, so I immediately sent her this picture.

luna moth-001

How about your Monday miscellany? Here’s your chance to use that word….

~These Days Of Mine~

Random Five Friday

Can you believe that Friday has rolled around again? Here are this week’s R5:

1.) Yesterday, we added one more “wild creature” to those who share our yard with us. It only took three weeks for a hummingbird to discover my feeder. I’m hoping he/she spreads the word to friends. (I read that hanging red ribbons on the feeder may help draw hummers. Since it was taking so long for them to find it, I really decked it out in red.)

hummer 7-10-2014 1-40-39 PM

2.) A couple of days ago, Motor Man called me to come quickly with the camera. He had spotted a tiny fawn out in our yard. By the time I made it to the window, the fawn had gone into the marsh grass. He seemed to be lost; hope his mama wasn’t too far away.

fawn best 7-7-2014 3-54-30 PM

3.) Marshall recently sent me this picture of his kitty, Snugg, relaxing in the bird bath. Snugg is such a ham.


4.) Yesterday we had storms and over an inch of much needed rain. The sky was beginning to clear later in the evening, and I had a feeling the sunset would be a pretty one. But I tired of waiting for it (8:28), and had changed into my jammies. (Guess I’ve officially attained the status of old lady.) Motor Man was nice enough to get a picture for me us.

flag and sunset 7-10-2014 8-11-36 PM

5.) Weekend plans include antiquing with a friend, a birthday party for our great niece, Livy, racing and possibly a Sunday adventure with Motor Mum.

Happy Weekend!

~These Days Of Mine~

Random Five Friday

Once again, time for five random thoughts on R5F.

1.)  Tuesday evening, my neighbor couldn’t wait to show me these baby birds.  The nest is in a gardenia bush in her front yard.

baby birds 6-24-2014 7-54-58 PM

2.) I had two “frights” this week in our yard. The first was Monday afternoon when something came running toward me as I was walking out of our garage door. My first thought (before I got a good look) was that it was a fox, but it was actually the tiniest fawn I’ve ever seen. It was very similar in size to this one that we saw a few miles away last week.

fawn 6-14-2014 8-25-05 AM

3.) The second fright (my FB friends have already seen this picture) was a snake in one of my flowerbeds. I had placed the spade, the fertilizer and the box of wildflower seeds on the ground, THEN saw the snake. Needless to say, I left everything lying right there. The spade was about ten inches from the snake’s tail.


4.) For those of you who shop at Food Lion Supermarkets, may I make a suggestion? Did you know that you can register your MVP card, so that everytime you use it, a portion of the amount you spend goes to a charity? There are several charities listed, and you choose the one you prefer. May I make another suggestion?  Corolla Wild Horse Fund. It only takes a couple of minutes. Here’s the link:

http://www.foodlion.com/community-outreach/mvp-rewards  (Click on “Register Your MVP Card”.)


stallion sees other horse 6-23-2013 6-56-26 AM

“Thank you for registering your card to help us!”

5.)  This weekend is the Olden Days Festival in our little town. It’s your typical small town festival: street vendors, concerts, classic car shows. This picture was taken back in 1994, during Olden Days. I have no idea who that guy was supposed to be….or who I was supposed to be? I just had fun dressing up.

db olden days 94 6-25-2014 4-50-11 PM.bmp-001

Feel free to share any randomness happening today in your little corner of the world!

~These Days Of Mine~



Wordless Wednesday – Thanks, Motor Man

(Monday afternoon, Motor Man arrived home before I did.  He took these photos from our bedroom window. You just know I’m going to be on the lookout for this little one!)

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