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And….She Now Has A Name

I recently posted about Marshall’s new baby kitten. And I’m please to announce that she now officially has a name.

Those of you who are fans of the British comedy “Fawlty Towers” will be familiar with the character named Sybil.  From the time she arrived,  Marshall’s new kitty has reminded him of that character.

So, allow me to introduce…. Sybil….

As all of you feline-owned folks know, a cat doesn’t just have one name. That name evolves into several nicknames. So I’m sure she’ll be called “Sibbs”, “Sibby”, and probably several other adaptations.

Marshall also shared this picture with me.  That’s Snugg putting on a show on the dresser, while Sibby is just looking tiny on the sofa.

I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of Sibbs; I’ve asked Marshall to keep the photos coming. The only problem, so far, is that she scurries around so quickly, it’s difficult to get a good picture.

But that’s what baby kitties (and Sybil) do best.

~These Days Of Mine~


Proud Papa; Sweet Baby Girl

You most likely recall my mentions of Marshall’s gray striped kitty, Screamer. Marshall suspects that he may have a trace of Bengal. In addition to his stripes, he also has huge paws and spots on his belly, two Bengal characteristics.

Screamer is an intact male, and it’s possible that he may “officially” belong to someone else.  He shows up, stays a few days, then disappears for a day or two.

On one of his recent returns, he wasn’t alone.

Yes, apparently Screamer has become a Papa, and for whatever the reason, decided to bring his baby girl to Marshall’s.

I’ve been owned by many kitties through the years, but I must say, I’ve never heard of a daddy cat having much to do with his offspring.

Marshall says that, in addition to the same coloring, he can just tell that they’re “pals”.

photo taken, appropriately enough, on Father’s Day

Perhaps, somehow, Screamer knew that she needed to be in a safer place? That’s Marshall’s opinion, and I tend to agree.

She’s been given a clean bill of health at the vet’s, who says she’s approximately two months old.  She likes to play with Marshall’s feet.

And a golf ball.

And, although she has access to the outside world, this little girl actually prefers to be inside.

“how much is that kitty in the window?”

So for the time being, all she needs is…… a name. Marshall’s waiting until just the right one comes to mind.

*All photos by Marshall.

~These Days Of Mine~


Gypsy Update

We’ve learned a few things about Miss Gypsy in the six weeks since we adopted her she adopted us.

She’s a little “ham”.

gypsy on desk -9-27-13 9-27-2013 10-49-19 PM 9-27-2013 10-49-19 PM

She’s computer savvy.

gypsy and computer 10-3-2013 8-58-10 PM

She likes her new scratching post.

gypsy and scratching post 9-17-2013 1-44-01 PM

And her new “Cat’s Meow” toy.

gypsy and cats meow 9-25-2013 1-24-05 PM

We’ve been wondering why her water bowl stays empty, and the carpet around it is always wet. Last week I bought a large (dog’s) water bowl and put her water bowl inside that to help the situation. Yesterday, we found out why this was happening. While she’s drinking, she keeps her right front paw IN the water bowl.

gypsy and water bowl 10-3-2013 10-23-22 AM

Gypsy went to the vet earlier this week for her second distemper shot. She now weighs four pounds, so within the next few weeks, we’ll be making an appointment to have her spayed.

Motor Man and I are NOT looking forward to her having surgery. We’ll be counting the minutes until she’s back in her favorite spot.

gypsy and jr 9-8-2013 3-56-25 PM