And….She Now Has A Name

I recently posted about Marshall’s new baby kitten. And I’m please to announce that she now officially has a name.

Those of you who are fans of the British comedy “Fawlty Towers” will be familiar with the character named Sybil.  From the time she arrived,  Marshall’s new kitty has reminded him of that character.

So, allow me to introduce…. Sybil….

As all of you feline-owned folks know, a cat doesn’t just have one name. That name evolves into several nicknames. So I’m sure she’ll be called “Sibbs”, “Sibby”, and probably several other adaptations.

Marshall also shared this picture with me.  That’s Snugg putting on a show on the dresser, while Sibby is just looking tiny on the sofa.

I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of Sibbs; I’ve asked Marshall to keep the photos coming. The only problem, so far, is that she scurries around so quickly, it’s difficult to get a good picture.

But that’s what baby kitties (and Sybil) do best.

~These Days Of Mine~



10 responses to “And….She Now Has A Name

  1. She is adorable and the name certainly fits her. Thanks for the cute pictures!

  2. She’s cute (and tiny) as can be and I love her name…….!


  3. ha! i love the name and what a cutie

  4. What a sweet little thing!

  5. Such a wonderful thing to see a stray kitty adopted with such love and care! Great job Marshall! Love the picture with older cat “showing off” and Sybil looking like “I just can’t compete with that…..yet!”
    Great pics, keep em coming Marshall.

  6. That is a fine name for an adorable kitty!

  7. A perfect name for her. Sooo cute!

  8. … & she also attacks the feet.. when least expected.. sticking me with claws and teeth… & since Sybil on Fawlty Towers attacked quickly and fiercely, it’s another trait that fits !

  9. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    What a good name for such a cute and sweet kitty. I have a feeling Marshall is going to have a lot of stories and pictures of Sybil in the future.

  10. Sweet and spirited Sybil, she’s unforgettable and super-cute. Hope your feet are forgiving, Marshall!

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