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You Never Know What You’ll Find

As you know, Motor Man and I usually take a day trip on Sunday. (And occasionally on other days, too.)

Sometimes we just ride, and sometimes we stop at an antique shop or thrift shop.  Today, I thought I’d share some things I recently spotted in these type stores.

I love vintage calendars. Recently I saw this framed one from 1945. The first thing that caught my eye was the sweet Christmas scene, then I realized that it was from the year Motor Man was born.  I love the church in the background and all the vintage toys But I also noticed the patriotic theme with the dog and the rifle, the war plane and the little boy holding the flag. I wondered at first if dad were away at war, but then I realized that, perhaps he IS in the picture…. Mom sure is smiling sweetly at Santa.

In the same shop, I saw this “Fall Guy” lunchbox.  That was a popular tv show when Marshall was a little boy. Neither he nor I remember whether or not he had a lunchbox like this, but we sure enjoyed that show.

I don’t recall if this next item was in the same shop, but this brought back memories of my grandmother’s country store.  Every Christmas, she’d be given advertising items for different products she sold.  And when the holidays were over, we just tossed them in the trash. Had we only known….

I didn’t purchase any of the items shown above.  However…

That little case on the left? It’s made from part of a grandfather clock turned upside down. Clever!  It did come home with me, and has a spot on the table in our foyer. I’m looking forward to decorating it for Christmas.

You just never know what you’ll find….

~These Days Of Mine~