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And So It Grows….

You may recall that one of my favorite  plants is Black-eyed Susan vine (thunbergia). After discovering it a few years ago, I look for it every spring. This year, I bought several to plant in different areas of our yard. One of my favorite places to plant it is on our deck, where the plant can grow up this old-looking weathered white trellis. This photo was taken on May 19.

blackeyed susan1

This one was taken on June 11:

black eyed susan2

And this one was taken on August 2:

black eyed susan3

Apparently I’m not the only one who thinks this is a good location.


Barn Charm: Gift On A Gate

Every spring, as I’m browsing local nurseries and greenhouses, one plant that I’m particularly looking for is thunbergia, also known as black-eyed susan vine.

This year, I bought one for my friend, Donna.

She planted it to grow on an old gate in her yard, and last week, she texted me with a picture and these words: “your gift on my gate”.

gift on gate 7-8-2013 4-18-24 PM_Snapseed

I love that her old barn, which I shared in a Barn Charm post last fall, is in the background.

donna w barn3

You just never know from whence will come Barn Charm material!

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