And So It Grows….

You may recall that one of my favorite  plants is Black-eyed Susan vine (thunbergia). After discovering it a few years ago, I look for it every spring. This year, I bought several to plant in different areas of our yard. One of my favorite places to plant it is on our deck, where the plant can grow up this old-looking weathered white trellis. This photo was taken on May 19.

blackeyed susan1

This one was taken on June 11:

black eyed susan2

And this one was taken on August 2:

black eyed susan3

Apparently I’m not the only one who thinks this is a good location.

18 responses to “And So It Grows….

  1. Beautiful! Obviously they are “happy campers” there on your deck! Nothing says summer like black-eyed susans on a trellis.


  2. Looks like the vine thinks it has a prime location…really has flourished!

  3. Just beautiful. But then you have the green thumb!

  4. That vine knows where to grow. I’ve had a time this summer cutting the kudzu and keeping it out of the azaleas. Lovely series of photos.

  5. My black-eyed susan you gave me on gate is really blooming now. Next year I will definitely plant where can it can go as hight as it wants! The little vines just growing straight up from gate with no support, waving in the wind.

  6. I learn something new every day, as I never knew there was a BES Vine! WOW! Absolutely stunning! And yes, it loves this location!

  7. For you:
    This is a paperback book.
    Very pleasant, the title said:
    Head up particularly comforting.
    Patience is the sister of hope and the mother of serenity.
    Starlight is reflected only in a quiet pond.
    Sincerely Andrea and many hugs.

  8. Yes, it is very happy there!
    Good Morning!

  9. Being a Susan…I love them too! It sure did grow!

  10. Oh they are just beautiful. And HAPPY!!

  11. that’s awesome! (i’m still loving my ol’ moss…)

  12. Lookin’ very content back there!

  13. So pretty…they are such a cheery little flower 🙂

  14. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Your black-eyed Susan has grown, and grown, and grown Beautifully. Great location and care,

  15. Wow! Now I will be looking for it every spring too. Beautiful!

  16. Woah!! That’s amazing!

  17. It did a fine job of covering the trellis. Beautiful addition to your garden.

  18. Beautiful! I really like the way you took several pictures across the span of several months.

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