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Made Me Smile

Today, for Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop, I chose this prompt:

5.) Something that made you smile this week.

Last Friday, Valentine’s Day, Motor Man and I had breakfast together at home, and he left to work at the shop for awhile.  Within an hour, I heard the back door open and close and knew that he had come back home.

I was at the opposite end of our (long) hallway, and wondered if something was wrong, since he hadn’t planned to be back home so soon. When I looked around the corner, this is what I saw:

jr roses card 2-14-2014 8-07-49 AM

My sweetie, in his work clothes, clutching a dozen red roses in one hand and a Valentine card in the other.  I’m so glad the camera was within easy reach, so I could have a photo as a reminder of the smile this brought.

I posted this picture as my status on Facebook Saturday, and my sister, June’s, comment gave me another smile: “And love walks in….”.

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