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Friday’s Fences – Summer Finery

Two fences in our little town…

fence and roses 7-13-2013 11-45-17 AM

…all decked out in their summer finery.

fence and hydrangeas 7-13-2013 11-46-08 AM

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Friday’s Fences – Lunch And Antiquing

Recently I met two friends for lunch in downtown Smithfield.  And, later, as girls will do, we did some shopping. Just outside the antique shop, Wharf Hill, we noticed this pretty little white picket fence.

white fence wharf hill

It’s always nice to see blooms even into December. I should have asked my friends if they knew exactly what type of blooms these are…

white fence wharf hil2

And who can resist a bird house?

white fence wharf hill3

Linking up to Friday’s Fences.

fridays fences

Friday’s Fences

For Friday’s Fences this week, I’m sharing pictures of a few fences around our little town of Smithfield.

This isn’t one of the older homes in Smithfield, but it’s beautiful nonetheless.

Pink roses on a white picket fence:  old-fashioned, southern charm.

And I learned a lesson a few seconds after taking THIS picture: when a homeowner sees you (from three driveways down the street) taking a photo of his fence, he just might get a little testy.

I explained that I just loved the old fence, showed him the picture on my camera, proving that it was of the fence and not his house, and he was fine.  (However, I did fail to mention that I planned to post it on the worldwide web.)

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